Grand European Tour May31-June27


Hi I just booked the Grand European Tour for May 31-June27. This will be my first time in Europe and I’m going by myself. I’m looking to make friends beforehand, I’m from Los Angeles



Hi i am booked on the same Grand European tour and am also travelling by myself for the first time. Have been to England before but with family in 2001. I’m from Newcastle, Australia. Am also keen to make some friends beforehand



doing the same tour with a mate!
Hoping to stay at the Clink for a couple of nights prior to commencement!
are you guys doing the same?



i arrive in London the day before and am staying at the clink for the night before the tour. Bit nervous about travelling on my own so hoping to meet a few ppl before i go



Hi Kate & Lana,

I’m also arriving to London the day before the tour starts. I believe I land at 12pm (noon) and should be at Clink by check-in time, which I believe is 2:30pm. I want to do something in London that day but I’m not sure what to do? any suggestions? do you guys have plans? I return to Los Angeles on June 28 which is the day after the tour ends so I won’t have time to explore London at the end of the tour.

I’m so happy I was beginning to think no one had signed up for this tour, I kept seeing so many other dates for the same trip. Anyway a little bit about myself I’m 26 yrs old and live in Los Angeles, Ca. I’m a graduate student and will be finishing school in mid-May so this is my family’s graduation gift to me, but I couldn’t convince any of my friends to go with me YET i couldn’t turn away the opportunity to travel before having to join the real world and find a job. I agree Kate feeling a bit nervous too but it should be fun!

Oh I’m also on facebook: Gabriela Flores


Hi Gabriella,
My flight gets into London around lunch time to so we should be arriving around the same time at the Clink. I have no plans for that afternoon as of yet, would be happy to have a look around :slight_smile:

A little about me i’m 23 (on friday) and this is my first time travelling alone. I have been to England once before with my family. I have a friend flying over on the 28th June to do the greek islands but couldnt convince anyone to do this tour with me and didnt want to put it off any longer, so here i am.

It would be great to se a friendly face that first day in London when i arrive :slight_smile:

I will look for you on facebook and add you and hopefully we can get to know each other a bit before may



Hey, we’re also on this one now too, our May 24th one got cancelled so we changed to this one.

My name is also Kate :slight_smile: from NZ, 24 years old, going with 3 other girls also from NZ - we’re all gonna stay at Clink the night before too. We should all go have a drink that night before we go!


I’m so glad to see there are other girls doing this trip :slight_smile: coz i am travelling on my own… I am staying at the CLink the night before too… Fly in at about lunch time. Drinks sound great, bit of a wander around would b good also.

So have you travelled before?? How long are you in London for before and after tour??


Hi all,

I’m looking at doing the same trip. I’m Andy from NZ, would be great to get to know others on here or Facebook. I’m travelling solo for the 2nd time, was a blast last year in Canada and America. Hope to chat to some of you soon.

Andy :slight_smile:


hi, yeah i was thinking the same would like to get to know ppl before i get to London all on my own… Are you staying at the Clink hostel the night before??

Anyone can look for me on facebook… Kate Mitchell :slight_smile:


Yay sounds like its beginning to look like a group FINALLY! I’m definitely open to have drinks and walk around as well. I hear they have a travel shop at the Clink, where they might be able to direct us to some places to go to. Can’t wait!



I’m up for anything the day before our tour. i’m just very glad that i will have some friendly faces to say hi too that first day… If we want to see the most of London in one go, the bus top tours do most of the main sights around London… Buckingham palace, big ben, westminister abbey, tower of london just some of them…
Depends what everyone wants to see though :slight_smile:
I’m even more excited for my trip now that i know there are other ppl on it



I’m going to be in England for a bit first but we’re all heading to Clink that afternoon/evening before the trip, so definitely keen to go have a drink and have a look around that night! Just under 3 months to go, hopefully they go quickly! Which country/cities are you guys most excited for?


yeah i am up for anything that afternoon/ night before the tour starts. I only arrive that day the 30th but am doing another 3 and a half weeks after this tour…

I am excited about Italy, French Riviera and Pag Island, i think that is going to be a crazy few days :slight_smile: what about you?

Are you on facebook??


Hi! I am booked for the second part of this trip :slight_smile: … I know, i’ll be joining a little late (june 12) but I did the first part of this tour last year - it was a blast! So i’ll be in barcelona first but I’ll see you all in Rome!


Ha! I just realized that I will actually be in Barce the same time as you as well… and i’m staying at equity centric point (think thats what it is called) which is where the tour group stayed last year on my trip!


I’m also on facebook - same name. Any plans after the tour? Im thinking scotland and pamplona.


Hey guys and girls!
good to see there is a mix of lots of nations!
i have decided to stay in YHA Pancras however will drop by Clink for the club!
I also heard that Clink provide free walking tours around London which is a good start to get to know the city.


3 weeks to go!!!

Anyone else on this trip so far? does anyone know if the “Spirit of Europe” and “Essential Europe” both leaving the same day May 31st, are all part of the same tour? One of them does the same first half of the trip as Grand European, so I assume we split up/change half way through?


hii guyss im also travelling solo :slight_smile:

im staying in clink night before too but with dad so wud be nice to see you all.

feel free to add on fb
beckie grady :slight_smile: