Grand European tour leaving 14th August


oh my god, is no one going on this tour, do i get the tour guides all to myself!:stuck_out_tongue: Bec1;D


Hi Bec[br][br]My friend Bec and i will be on your tour. So sorry you do have to share. It is so great to know we are not going alone.[br][br]Cheers Janet


Hey Janet, great to hear from you, i was beginning to think no one was going to reply:(. Have you or Bec been on any of these tours before or are you a newbi like me? I’m getting so excited. Hope to talk to you soon, Bec.[br][br]Bec


Hi Bec[br]I have been on a trip like this to tassy and nz. Bec and i have also travelled to Thailand a couple of times. Where are you flying from and are you having a stop over on the way over. Bec and i are leaving on the 10-8-07 then we are staying in Dubai for 3 days then on to London to start the trip. It is so great to know another Aussie is going to be on the trip. [br]takecare[br]Janet


Hey there. I’m flying out on the 11/8 straight to London via Kuala Lumpur and Amsterdam (same on the way home). I would love to go to Dubai, i hear its great. You’ll have to fill me in. After our tour, i stay in London for another 9 days then its off to Egypt for 20 days that back to Aussie land. Are you staying at the Globetrotter when you get to London?. Have a great day, B.:o)[br][br]Bec


Hi Bec[br]Your trip sounds great.We have 3 days in London then 5 days in Athens then fly Dubai/ Singapore with 3 days in Singapore. We are staying at Globetrotter Inn the night before and for the days we are in London. Where in aussie do you live? I live in Brissy and Bec is in Rocky. My flatmate says you will enjoy Egypt as she went last year.[br]cheers Janet


Hey Janet. Your trip sounds great. i wanted to go to Greece but am going to have to save it for next time. Glad to hear your staying at the Globetrotter, its sounds like its in a good location. I am looking forward to Egypt, wanted to go ever since i was little, being an Egyptian Goddess in a past life and all;D;). Does your flatemate have any tips for me? I live in sydney. I was going to see if the 3 of us could catch up but that will be a bit hard. Chat soon B.[br][br]Bec


Hi Bec[br] My flatmate want to know what tour you are on and which company? She says it is good to keep covered up and that the men are different to here. She had a great time but she was with three other people. Don’t forget to take a shall and be safety aware. I will ask her to give me more details for you. Looking forward to meeting you.[br]Janet


Hey Janet. I’m going to Egypt with Geckos. Its a 15 days tour starting in Cairo going down through the White desert, through to Luxor, down to Abu Simbel then back up along the Nile to Cairo.What did your flatemate do? The things i have been reading about the men are that they will treat you ok if you respect their culture etc… and are married. As i’m not a fake wedding ring wont hurt;D As for our tour Janet, either you, Bec and I are the only ones going or no one else wants to talk to us:([br][br]Bec


Hi Bec[br]I have been in contact with jalizad who is about page 2-3 on the forum. She is 21 from melbourne and she sound nice. I am gettingreally excited the closer it gets. i was in touch with my uncle who has been to europe a number of times and he gave me some tips. You can email me on and i will forward them to you. I will get the details from my flatmate some time this week for you also.[br]:)[br]Janet


Best wishes for a wonderful tour! I will be on the same tour a fortnight later - leaving Tuesday August 28th. Counting down the days! My boyfriend and I go to Turkey first then to London for a few days before the tour. After the tour we are off to Athens and then Santorini before heading back home to New Zealand (via Hong Kong for a day stopover). Exciting! :slight_smile: