Grand European tour: June 5 - July 2



Is anyone doing this tour on these dates? Or is it just me? Please let me know.



Hi Ollie,

Myself and my sister shannon are both on this tour :slight_smile: So no, you’re not on your own. Looking forward to the trip.


Ness :slight_smile:


Hey Vanessa,
Thanks for replying. Yeah, it’s not just me… :slight_smile:
So, when are you guys planning on getting to London? Where will you be staying?



Hi Ollie,

We arrive in London on 31 May 2012 and staying with a friend for the weekend.

We will be staying at the Clink the night before the trip leaves though.



That’s great, i will be arriving in London on June 2 and will be at the clink on June 4 for the night before the trip begins.
What kinda luggage are you taking for the trip? I am bringing the little suitcase (carryon) on wheels.I am thinking from what i have read on about luggage (on top deck), it should be acceptable.

:slight_smile: Ollie :slight_smile:


Hey Ollie,

I have a backpack i used when i travelled Vietnam. as i understand it you can have one small backpack on bus with you and your main luggage must not weigh more than 20 kgs. I know when i packed my bag for Vietnam it weighed 16kgs so i dont expect it to be much heavier than that :slight_smile:




I am also going on this tour, and arriving at Clink on the 2nd.
Super excited :slight_smile:



Hey Kat,

Thanks for joining in on the forum, I am excited as well. What are you carrying for your luggage? backpack or suitcase? I am bringing the small suitcase with wheels, lol! I am thinking it should be fine.

Have you done this tour thing before? with other tour operators? This is my first time doing it, it should be awesome.

If you want to compare notes on what to pack and getting ready for the trip, let me know.

Ollie :slight_smile:


Hey Vanessa,

Thanks for the reply.
Yeah I will make sure that my main luggage comes under the limit.
I will have the little suitcase with wheels as my main luggage and then I will have a daypack.



Hey guys,

I’ll be on this tour too, getting to the clink on 4th June :slight_smile:

See you soon!



See you at the Clink Megan-:slight_smile:



Il be there to, cant wait!


Hi Ollie,

I’ve got a big backpack which has wheels in case i get lazy ha.
But i think you should be right. My friend who’s been travelling also mentioned that they’re pretty strict with weight restrictions, i am going to have to pack carefully!
No i’ve never done any tours before so this should be a good experience!




This is my very first tour too, I agree i think it will be a good time :slight_smile:
Yes, I am gonna be careful with the weight restrictions 20 kgs.
What are you carrying for your day pack?



Hi Ollie,

Haven’t really decided yet! I guess i’ll just wing it a bit. i’ve got a little backpack so we will see how that goes. :slight_smile:



Guys are you all packed yet, printed off your documents??? It’s coming up pretty soon… ;D

See you in a few days.



Hi Everyone,

Myself and a mate are doing this trip as well, but we will be joining you guys in Paris. Not long now!!

See you guys soon



Hi All,

Was wondering if anyone was staying at Clink for a few nights before the tour. I’m going to be in London and wanted to know if anyone wanted to go explore :slight_smile:



Kat I will be at the Clink on June 4th though I am not sure at what time I will get there but I will definitely be there.
I am sure you’ll be able to meet up with a few people who’d like to explore while at the Clink :slight_smile: