Grand European Tour - July 3/18


Hey there!

Just curious if anyone else has booked or is planning to book the Grand European tour for July 3rd, 2018?



My friend and I are booked for the 7th! Damn!


Hi, I did this tour a couple of years ago. If you have questions, please holla.



Hi @dwoods84
do you have any tips on optional activities that you wouldnt miss or any other general tips about the tour itself?? :slight_smile: & do you have any general tips about budgeting for this tour :stuck_out_tongue:



Hi @carlyp,
Sky diving (although I regrettably didn’t go is an awesome option, although costly. The cheaper alternative is to take the mountain train upto Jungfraujoch (the top of Jungfrau) for around 180CHF it’s a pretty fantastic view! Even in summer there is snow up top, so it was a little cold.

Central Europe can be expensive in some places, but alcohol isn’t too bad. A lot of meals are provided on this tour, so you won’t have to worry too much about that. It’s a great way to save. I would budget for less than 100 Euro / day, depends on if you’re after souvenirs and go out a lot.

A couple of the provided meals include alcohol, I recall the first night in Italy jugs of red wine were provided on each table and there was plenty left over… You can always find fairly inexpensive street food, or a small tucked away eating place away from the crowds. In Orvieto, I hope your tour guide recommends a Wild Boar sandwich, they’re pretty good. Look for the boars head on a plaque outside the cafe. There are probably a few around.

  • The Mauthausen Tour, although grim is actually quite educational, there’s a lot of information provided inside the main building about the war, if you’re interested.
  • Gondola tour in Venice is optional. a great way to see Venice from a unique point of view.
  • I definitely have a bias towards Switzerland… There are bike rentals available if you’re not keen on Jungfrau (as a cheaper option). There are also trains that go into Interlaken (big Swiss lake and town), very picturesque.
  • Vatican tour is quite interesting, the artworks inside are absolutely incredible!
  • Whilst in Berlin, there’s the Fernsehturm, which is an old Soviet (post-WW2) era television tower, complete with restaurant and bar. For about 20 Euro, skip the queue and go for the express option up to the top. There are ticket machines just outside. It’s about a 15min walk from Wombats (which is likely the place you’ll be staying). On the way there is the Hofbrau Haus (old German beer drinking hall), no doubt you’ll get a laugh from. Small (330mL), Medium (500mL) or Large (1ltr) beers on sale and plenty of amazing German food. There’s another one in Munich, which dates back to the 16th Century.
  • The Cabaret in Paris is an interesting cultural experience…

You’ll be blown away in general with the amount of history of Europe. Your Tourguide will hopefully give you a lot of information about each place you visit.

Eastern / Central Europe like Prague and Pag Island are probably the cheapest. The currency conversions may do you head in!

If there was anything else, please ask :slight_smile:
Cheers and enjoy!


thank you for such a helpful reply @dwoods84 ! will do :slight_smile:


No worries! :blush:


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