Grand European Tour July 26th-August 22nd


Hi Everyone,
Anyone joining me on the Grand European Tour from July 26th-August 22nd?:wink:


Hello, my friend jess and myself will be on this tour. You can add us both on facebook Emma Waters and Jessica Maude Howarth.


Hi guys I’m booked on this tour too. I’ve noticed on the availability section on the topdeck website it now says on request??? I hope it goes ahead.


hey jemma, yeah i saw that too and had a bit of a freakout! i asked topdeck on fb and they said it was still definately going ahead, thank goodness!
ps. i sent you a fb message after i saw your post on topdeck on fb :slight_smile:


Me and 3 of my friends will be on this tour.
Feel free to add me on facebook
The names Ange Gleeson