Grand European Tour July 15 '08 Anyone Going?


I would like to know who will be attending this tour. Its my first time doing it so I would like to get to know the people who will be attending the tour. I will be flying into London on July 13th, and after the tour is done I will be flying to Mallorca for 5 nights. Drop me a line if you will be attending this tour.[br][br]Terry.


hi hi[br][br]yehh me and my friend have booked our place on this tour! [br]should be a good laugh!! [br][br]Will[br]Brighton, UK


Have you guys done a tour like this before? I will be in London on 14 I believe how about you guys? Maybe we can hook their I would like to see London for a day.[br][br]Terry.


Ahh my friend is coming over from Australia to do it with me, he has done it all a couple times, don’t know if he has done a bus tour but deff has been around europe a few times![br][br]It’s my first time on a bus tour, but because i live in England it’s not that hard to get over to Europe really lol, so ive been around a few places![br][br]Is this your first time over?[br][br]yeh may do, me and tim are going to Amsterdam then onto belgium on the 30th june, not quite sure when we are back! [br][br]you coming alone?[br][br] [br]


Yuip this is my first time to Europe, and I am coming alone. Are you bringing a sleeping bag with you?


yeh we will have sleeping bags, but this tour is like a part of our summer holiday, always need a sleeping bag, never know where you will end up sleeping haha![br][br]