Grand European Tour Departing June 28th 2016!


Hey! I just booked this trip, is anyone else booked in to go on this trip also? Will be cool to get in touch prior!


Hey I from Perth booked Eastern Sprit starting 15th June16 at Rome. I guess you guys join us too…


Oh hey! I didn’t know that groups joined on together! Are you going solo too?


Hey! I might be booked on this trip and am traveling solo :slight_smile:


Oh really! That be cool if you were! Let me know if you are definately going :slight_smile:


I am definetly going!! :slight_smile:


Oh my gosh cool so you’re doing the Grand European tour on the 28th June? Do you have facebook! :smile:


Yes I am!! And yes I do have facebook :slight_smile: you can add me: megan carroll my profile picture is a hockey player :slight_smile:


There are so many Megans! Maybe you should add me my profile picture is two people in stripe tops!


Hey girls! I’m from Sydney and will also be going solo on this trip! :smiley:


Hey! Awesome! Less than 3 months to go😊 I’m from NZ😊


I am so excited! Are you spending a few days in London before hand? I don’t have Facebook but add me on Instagram if you have it, username is sarahsmall92 :smile:


Hey Guys! I’m from Melbourne and I’m going solo too, so excited!


Awesome! When do you arrive in London?:blush::blush:


The 26th! In the morning. How about you?


I arrive 24th! Do you have facebook? :slight_smile:


Yes! Sophie Wathen, I’m the one with red hair haha


Hey ladies, I’m from NZ and will be doing this tour solo too, SO EXCITED! :smiley: Add me on Facebook Ana Petreska :slight_smile:


Hey guys! I will be doing the trip with my friend Taylor and we are both from Sydney! Feel free to add me on Facebook (Elle Doggett) and we should definitely get a FB group going!

Can’t believe how quickly this is going to come round :grinning:


@elledog @Ana_Petreska Hey girls I’ll be on this trip too! I don’t have facebook but if you have Instagram follow me! Username is sarahsmall92 :smile: seriously can’t wait, it’s coming around soo quickly!