Grand European Tour Depart 17 June


Hi All,[br][br]I am booked on the Grand European Tour departing 17th June it would be great to hear from anyone who is on the same trip.[br][br][br]Tracy


Hey there Tracey! Yer I’m on this tour too, I started a forum topic a while back and gotten another reply (should be somewhere at the top of the list).[br]Feel free to jump on ours to get an idea who we are, otherwise I’ll just keep checking back with ya![br][br]Liz from Perth [br]Grand European June 17![br]+ Thailand


Hi Again,[br][br]Just checking to see if anyone else is booked on this trip???[br][br][br]Tracy


Yes I agree! Where have all the cool people gone?[br]Where bouts are you from again Tracey?[br][br]Liz from Perth [br]Grand European June 17![br]+ Thailand and Laos!


Hey Liz,[br][br]I am from New Zealand (Auckland… [br]I am so excited about going!!![br]We are staying at the Globetrotter Inn on the 16th June and the night we get from out trip… will you be staying here??[br][br]Tracy


Hi Tracey! Yer me and mate Shane are staying at globetrotter inn as well on the 15th/16th to do some sightseeing.[br]you going with some friends of yours as well?[br][br]Liz from Perth [br]Grand European June 17![br]+ Thailand and Laos!


hey,[br][br]yeah i am travelling with two friends, Nat and Hayley. [br]when do you arrive in london and are u staying on after?[br][br]Tracy


I arrive on the morning of the 15th. After the tour I’m staying one more night in globetrotters then heading to thailand/laos for the next 3 weeks. First off im going to Ko Phangan for the Full Moon Party, then backpacking around northan thailand and laos! Big trip![br]How bout you? Doing anything afterwards?[br][br]Liz from Perth [br]Grand European June 17![br]+ Thailand and Laos!


Wow your trip sounds awesome!!! [br][br]we arrive on the 14th couple nights at friends place then at the globetrotters then after the trip staying with friends as i plan to work and travel and stay in london for a couple of years…[br][br]Tracy


less then 3 weeks to go! last call-out I can be bothered with for anyone on this trip…anyone?[br][br]Liz from Perth [br]Grand European June 17![br]+ Thailand and Laos!


Hi Liz and Tracy[br]At least you know that 1 more person will be joining. Being from South Africa i need a visa everywhere i wanna go so i didnt want to get too excited until everything was sorted. 1 More visa to go…[br]Time is growing closer and i cant wait. [br]See you all soon.[br][br][br][br]Siraj[br]Another SAFFA in London


Hi Siraj![br]Wiked to hear from you! How crazy is it that we have less than 3 weeks to go, and I’ve been planning my trip for nearly a year! Can’t wait to meet you, fingers crossed your visa comes in on time![br][br]Liz from Perth [br]Grand European June 17![br]+ Thailand and Laos!


Less than 3 weeks and i probably have a million things to do which will probably happen the weekend before we leave![br]I am so jealous of your trip!!! Thailand and Laos and Europe!!! DAMN!!! But if i have it my way the Far East will defintely see me again!!![br]We cant be the only people going on this trip???[br][br]Looking forward to meeting you all as well![br][br]Siraj[br]Another SAFFA in London


Hey I’m going on this one also.[br]My name is kristen and I’m was from Sydney but just relocated to Newcastle.[br][br]Heaps excited about the trip.


Hey everyone,[br][br]Just found this discussion thing, I’m booked in on this trip and can’t wait for it to start. From Perth but been in London for four years. Two more weeks, see you all soon.[br]


Excellent another Perth-person! will have to give you all the goss on the …err…weather? hahah! Big hello to Kristen as well! [br]This is totally nuts, I’m flying out in 10 DAYS!!![br]Today i think i’ll do a sneaky as use the scanner/printer/laminater facilities at work for my travel docs, hehhe![br][br]once again, can’t wairt to meet you all![br][br]Liz from Perth [br]Grand European June 17![br]+ Thailand and Laos!


Hey all,[br][br]Great to see more of you on this tour!!![br]We leave next Friday for London!!! I am getting really excited.[br]Three of us are from NZ, Auckland.[br][br]How many of you are staying at the Globetrotter the night before?[br][br]Tracy


Unfortunately no Globetrotters beforehand for me. I’m staying in East London at the moment but hoping to doss overnight with a mate in the West somewhere the night beforehand. Just want to avoid the one hour tube ride in the morning.


Hey I’m staying at the Globetrotter the night before will be arriving there very early on the morning of the 16th. I’m also staying there for three days on return to go exloring around London.


Hey all!![br]How bloody exciting!!! I have only 9 more days before i leave for London and then i am staying at the globetrotter!!! cant wait for our tour. [br]I am living in Adelaide - but a country girl at heart!!! Cant wait to meet you all and have a beer!![br]Ashley