Grand European Tour, 9th Oct


Hey there[br]Im goin on the Grand European Tour starting on the 9th of Oct to the 5th Nov. Would luv 2 have a chat if u r goin on the same tour. Im a 23 yr old Aussie girl, but been living in London for just under 2 years[br]Cheers, Karina[br]


hi karina, i’m also doing the grand tour on the 9th oct, looking forward to it! i fly out from sydney on the 30th sept to have a look around for about a week before the tour starts, staying at the globetrotter for 3 nights before we leave[br][br]adrian (australia)


Hey Adrian. [br]Yeah i cant wait either- 1 of my mates has just come ova from Australia and she’s gonna try and get on the same tour (which will b good). R u coming ova with any1 and is the 1st time u’ve been ova here? Let us know if u need anything or even if u wanna have a drink (knowing me and my mates we will b out somewhere drinkin anyways)[br]Cheers, Karina


just travelling alone, got a couple of mates in london that i went to school with so ill prob try and catch up with them but its the first time ive been to uk/europe, i think ive got everything sorted, not sure whether to take a pillow or not, takes up alot of room in the pack, but they suggest u take one so i dunno?


What up dudes! Can’t wait for the tour hey man! Thinkin a pillow is a great idea… try catch some zzzz’s on the bus! Ohh yer i’ll be meeting you guys in france![br][br]“Get into it!!”


Hi Guys,[br]I’m doing the Barcelona to Prague tour which meets up with your Grand European tour in Baecelona. I’m a 25 year old Aussie living in London. Doing the tour by myself- can’t wait! Not sure about bringing a pillow, maybe a travel pillow…