Grand European Tour 7th July 2018


Hey! Just booked the Grand European trip leaving London 7th July and traveling by myself, first solo trip and pumped…! Anyone else traveling by them selves?


Hey Nick! I’m not doing this trip but I’m going to be over there the exact same time for the summer fun & sailing trip! Heading to London a few days earlier to be a tourist on my lonesome! Always keen to make new friends whilst I’m over there. If you get there a few days earlier let me know!


Hey, I fly in on the 6th in the morning and join the tour next day.! So I’ll spend the day getting around.! Hope to see you there at some point.! Hope you have the best trip :grin:


I’m doing this trip too and by myself too! Not sure on the dates yet though, will let you know :slight_smile:


Hey, not solo but my friend and I are going to be on this same tour as well!!! We will probably be staying at the hotel we meet at in London the night before! So excited!!!


Hey :slight_smile: also not travelling solo, but me and my sister are also going on this tour :slight_smile: & staying at the hostel a couple of nights before :smiley: only a month to go!


Hi Devon!
Im also doing the summer fun and sailing trip! I depart London on the 10th July!

Lauren x