Grand European tour 30th April


Hi! Looking at the Grand European tour leaving in the 30th April! Is anyone else? Xx


Hi there! I’m looking at booking this one too! Having difficulty deciding though! So many to choose from


@Mel2106 im booked on this one :slight_smile:


Eeep I think I’ll be booking for sure next week! So excited :smiley:


Do it! It’s going to be fab! I need to book soon xx


Awesome! Cant wait. Im counting down until i leave already haha. Where are you from?


Hi there! I’ve booked :slight_smile: - i’m coming from Brisbane what about yourself?


Hey! Thats awesome :slight_smile: im from rockhampton so not that far away haha when are you flying over?


I’ll be getting there on then 28th so I can spend a couple of days in London to site see :slight_smile: what about you?


Good idea haha im going over on the 22nd. Have you booked accomodation or anything yet?


I just booked this morning haha. I’ll be staying in a hotel one night, and then hostel the next :slight_smile:


Aah awesome! It’s going to be so good! :slight_smile:


Oh yeah fair enough :slight_smile: feel free to add me om facebook. Tegan seath :slight_smile:


Yeah me too, Grace Anna Perry :slight_smile:


Hello all… So looking forward to this trip. It’s going to be amazing! Flying over on the 22nd to London. Anyone planning London trips or site seeing initially? Cheers Aaron.


Hi! Where are you from? I’m coming down the day before as I already live in england! Can’t wait :smiley:


Melbourne (Australia). Yeah I’m excited as well. Are you guys doing the full 28 days? The trip reads fantastic. Pretty pumped!!


Aah awesome! Yea full 28 Days! Going to be shattered afterwards Hahha


Yep. Going to need a holiday to get over the holiday! Lol. First trip alone for me… So pretty excited. Not long to go now :slight_smile:

This page won’t let me send another reply. Add me on FB if you like. Aaron S Walter


I have a holiday at the beginning of June as well Hahha! Yes for me too… Nervous but excited! Don’t wanna be the youngest… How old are you? Xx