Grand European tour 24th June - 21 July


Hey everyone!
I am considering booking the June 24th - July 21 Grand European tour. I am 18 years old from Echuca (a small town three hours north of Melbourne, Australia), and will be travelling Europe alone for a total of 7 weeks. I am extremely keen on meeting new people and making some awesome memories on this tour, so if you’re also considering this tour please let me know!

Cheers guy! :slight_smile:



I am thinking about doing this tour as well on this date. I am 26, from New Zealand and I will be travelling alone too. This is the first time I have been to Europe and first time travelling on my own. It’s a bit scary but I am looking forward to it. I have applied for my working visa but I have no idea or plans after the tour ends so I am keen to meet new people to. I have done a Contiki around America and definitely met a lot of life long friends on there so I think Topdeck will be pretty similar.



Hey thanks for the reply!

Oh awesome, Europe is beautiful I can tell you that much; I did an exchange year in Denmark when I was 15 so I got to travel a little and know a bit about a few countries. I am actually flying home on the 23rd of July so I won’t be around long after the tour.
I booked a spot on the tour the other day, so I’m definitely going. I’m sure you’d enjoy it if you came! Let me know :slight_smile: