Grand European Tour - 19th July 2016


Hi all :slight_smile: Is anyone booked on the Grand European Tour (28 days) for the 19th July - 15th August? Iโ€™m going on this tour as a solo female traveller (19 y/o) and would love to find people who are also going! :sunny:


I have been looking at this tour and date also! I was going with a friend but that has changed and will be a solo traveler from tassie, aus!


Hey Nicola! You should totally come! Iโ€™m already booked on this one as a solo traveller :see_no_evil: Hope to see you there!! Xx


How very exciting! I will let you know if I book on this one :slight_smile: itโ€™s all the places I want to go so could be the go :ok_hand:t3: xx