Grand European Sept 2010


Hi there[br]Just wondering if anyone out there is doing the Grand European trip in Sept 2010?? or did anyone do the trip about that time this year? Wondering what the weather will be like. My friend & I have booked for this trip & we are also doing the Britian, Ireland trip before hand. [br]CAN’T WAIT!!! ;D[br][br]Jod’s


Hi Jodes[br]I am going on this tour departing 7th September. I am also doing a tour of Great Britain & Ireland with Contiki beforehand. What is your departure date? Weather should be nice, may get a little cool towards the end of the tour. It will be my first trip to europe.


Hi Larissa[br]Hey we going on the same trip!!! :sunglasses: we depart 7th Sept too. This is my first trip overseas too - well apart from going to Australia. We are going the topdeck Britian & Ireland trip. When do you get to the UK? How long you over there for? So good to hear from someone else going. Can’t wait!!!


Great to hear we are going on the same tour.[br]i fly in on the 17th august, im on uk & ireland tour from the 20th - 4th september, i then have a few days before the grand european starts. i have a full day back in london before flying out. so all up im away for 7 and a half weeks. Europe would be my third trip overseas by far the longest, ive already travelled around nz and been on a cruise in the caribbean. Where are you and your friend from? have you thought about pre and post accommodation yet? im looking forward to this trip, I have a lot of researching to do and only 7 months to go!!


Hi Larissa[br]We are from Southland, New Zealand. I’m 34 and my friend is 32. We are just thinking on the pre-accommodation, properly stay at the hostel the night before as its such a early start. We arrive into UK in the 12th Aug, have 2 days to look around then start our first trip - Britian & Ireland. We have decided to meet the trip in Paris, so we going have have extra time there. We are away from NZ for 9 weeks. Theres so much to look into, packs, sleeping bags etc. Where about in OZ are you from? The next 7 months are going to fly by! :slight_smile:


Hi Jodes[br]Im 25 and from Melbourne. I will probably stay at the hostel before this tour starts in London at the very early hour of 6am… I am looking into handbags, wondering whether to buy a pacsafe one. (anti theft). Of the top ten pickpocketing towns in the world I think we visit 6 of them. I am usually careful with money so I don’t know what to do. I have already bought a suitcase its huge 73cm’s. I haven’t really thought about a sleeping bag as yet, probably will buy a small one that doesn’t take up too much room.[br]


Just wondering if anyone else has booked this tour. Its hard to believe I booked it 3 months ago!
The months are flying…