Grand European Sept. 20 booking



I am booked to go on the Grand European tour leaving Sept 20. I was wondering if there was anyone else on here who is going then as well. It is my first time to Europe and I am very excited to meet everyone :slight_smile:


Hey Neeta,

I am! Can’t wait… not long to go now!


Thats great, it’s nice to talk and get to know who will be going ahead of time. I can’t wait either!! Are you travelling solo?


Hiya my name is Matt :slight_smile:

I am also booked into this trip, WooooHoooo! getting excited now… counting down the days. I have been to Europe once before but i was only 8 Y/O so its going to be great to visit some of the places i kinda remember. Am travelling with a workmate Monique and will be in London from the 16th i beleive so a little extra time to explore and see London… I am from Canberra and 22… What about you guys?


I’m a 21 yo girl, from Western Australia. First time to Europe, travelling solo but oh so excited. Get into the uk a few days before the trip also. Have you guys got Facebook? I’ve put our tour on the topdeck page, check it out :slight_smile:


Hi. I’m also booked on this trip with a friend. Its our first time to Europe and getting crazy excited. We are also from Australia-Sydney. Will be in London for a week before we leave ::slight_smile:


Yeah im going to have to have a look at the Facebook page tonight :slight_smile:
we will be in singapore for a few nights then london for the night before the tour starts :slight_smile: counting down the days now ;D


Awesome, it’s in the ‘meet others’ section. I’m the only one who’s commented, so it’s a few pages back lol B-)


5 days of work left for me… :smiley: cant wait! getting so close ;D 3 weeks!!!


Haha, glad I’m not the only one counting days left of work. I’ve quit my job to do this travelling, only 12 days left for me :-/


nice :slight_smile: i thought a week or 2 off before leaving was a good idea hahah. where is everyone looking forward to the most? id have to say switzerland for some reason :slight_smile:


I’ve finished work already it was such a nice feeling to know wont have to go back for weeks!!! I’m really interested in amsterdam and of course Paris…2 weeks today till I actually fly out.


3 days and 2 hours of work for me hahah :smiley: Amsterdam will be great! also looking forward to Pag Island and Barcelona :smiley:


Croatia, Italy and Spain ::slight_smile:


Hello! i am also booked to go on this tour departing sept 20th :slight_smile: first time in europe and travelling alone :slight_smile:


Hi! I am looking forward to meeting you all! I am travelling for the first time to europe and alone. I leave Brisbane in 5 days - can’t wait! :slight_smile: Is anyone meeting the tour in Paris? I was thinking about it.