Grand european sept 09


HI Everyone, I’m planning on going on the Grand European Trip in Sept leaving on the 22 from London. I’m travelling alone and a bit nervous but I’m sure I’ll be just fine !!! Just wondering if there is others planning on going on that tour as well ??? I know its still early but I’m getting really excited already and booking it soon :slight_smile: I hope to stay in London for a few days before hand to tour around London… [br][br]To those who have been on the Grand European before let me know what you thought ??? and any tips[br][br]Thanks [br]From Heidi in Canada


[br][br]- update - [br]WELL TODAY I OFFICALLY BOOKD THE TOUR YAHOOOOO !!! I CAN’T WAIT[br][br][br][/quote]


Today I got my detailed itinerary and it gets me all excited all over again :slight_smile: I have been counting down the weeks and there’s only 22 more to go YAHOOO !! Anyway I’m still wondering whose all coming on my trip seen as how I’m traveling solo so just let me know !!! Can’t wait to see !!! I’m going on the grand European from Sept 22 - Oct 19Th [br][br]hope to hear from someone sooooon !!![br]


Hi Heidi,[br][br]WOW…Your the first Canadian I have seen on this thing,other than myself of course ;)[br][br]Just thought I’d say hi.[br][br]I wont be on the same tour as you, I’m going on the Roman Pathway also departingfrom London but I will be leaving on the 15th,cant wait!!!;D I will also be staying in London for about 3 days before the tour starts to do a little touring as well, and travelling by myself, I think this will be the greatest part I’ve never travelled by myself and cant wait to meet all the new people.[br][br]CANT WAIT!!! Woo Hoo 22 weeks to go ;D[br][br]Melissa[br]


Hey!! yeah i am going too, but on the 8th not the 22nd!! I am travelling on my own too, should be amazing!! [br]Its never to early to be excited lol! [br]:)[br][br]From Edinburgh, joining the Grand European in spetember 09[br]


Yay!! My partner and I are going on the East meets Med tour, which joins up with this tour in Barcalona! :slight_smile: I’ve been looking for other people who we are going to be on tour with!! Only 12 weeks (for me) on Thursday!!


Yahooo thats awesome :slight_smile: i can’t wait !!! ! [br][br]i didn’t know that tours join up with other tours …! thats really but i guess they would have to ! thats cool :slight_smile: well i’ll see ya in Barcalona then ,& maybe it will just be me on the tour cause no one has replied to this foam …yet that is …as you can see … but i hope NOT !!!lol


Yeah I see that noone else has posted anything!! Oh well at least the bus will be roomy:)[br][br]Where are you from? We’re from Victoria, Austalia - 26 and 23…[br][br]Glad to know that at least one other person is going to be there too;D


Oops… I just looked again and saw you were from Canada:-[[br][br]Where abouts? I went there last year and did the East Coast…


I’m from Vancouver :slight_smile: I also travelled to Australia about 6 yrs ago now , i travelled up the east coast starting in Sydney to Carins. it was a great experience!!! I was on the oz experience so it was GO, GO, GO so i have an idea how this tour will be NON STOP !! but i did worked in a place called Mooloolaba for about 2 months …i would love to go back :slight_smile: [br][br]


Anyone on Grand European 15th September? [br][br]:slight_smile:


Yes Yes![br][br]I’m on the 15th September! I’m doing Roman Chariot which is the first half of Grand European…[br][br]Amanda[br][br]Eastern Spirit 12th August 2009[br]&[br]Roman Chariot 15th September 2009


Yuup!! I’m doing the Grand European 15th Sept! All booked and paid for now :slight_smile: Eeeee! Super excited!


Cool :)[br][br]Tash & Amanda; looking forward to meeting you![br][br]Getting very excited now - although now I have to think about what to pack.[br][br]Where are you girls from?[br][br]Grand European 15th Sep-12th Oct 2009


Heeey![br][br]I’m from New Zealand. Hamilton to be exact but it’s such a hole! So excited to expand my horizons and replace ****ty little Hamilton with the likes of Paris and Rome![br][br]Haha fully then we’ve got the mish of trying to fit in all in a suitcase! Like six weeks away now and I feel so unprepared like what to pack and OMG Europe for a month! That’s kinda a big deal! Sounds so crazy that it doesn’t even feel real yet. Are you staying over there for longer before/after??


Hi again…[br][br]I’m from Sydney and leave in 8 days! Am doing a tour starting in Rome first. So i’ll be in England from the 28th Aug if either of you are there earlier…[br][br]Do you both have facebook?[br][br]Amanda[br][br]Eastern Spirit 12th August 2009[br]&[br]Roman Chariot 15th September 2009


I just posted and it didnt come up :([br][br]I’m from Sydney and leave in 8 days! Am doing another topdeck tour first. Will be in London from 28th Aug if anyone is going to be there earlier??[br][br]NZ_Tash - i just found you on facebook![br][br]Amanda[br][br]Eastern Spirit 12th August 2009[br]&[br]Roman Chariot 15th September 2009


Oh woah! I get to London on the 8th September so will have some sweet time to see the sights before it’s tour time! So your doing Roman Chariot…? And not actually the Grand European but they cross paths or something??[br][br]Add me on Facie!


Yeah Amanda I am on FB; there should be a link on my profile from here.[br][br]How long will you be touring with us?[br][br]Grand European 15th Sep-12th Oct 2009