Grand European Questions


Hi all,[br][br]Not long ago finished the Grand European. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask. Happy to inform of the good and the bad…[br][br]Grand European July 2009[br]+ Greek Islands Fun in the Sun


Hi Mike,[br][br]We are thinking of going on the Grand European next year.[br][br]Tahnk you in advance for answering my questions.[br][br]Where there many couples on you tour?[br]And did they get to share cabins/ bungalows ect? Doesn’t matter if its with other couples?[br]Did you get a choice of going White Water Rafting in Austria because that is somtheing we would really like to do?[br]And did it seem people didnt want to go out drinkinig because they had picked the cheaper tour and didnt have enough money?[br][br][br]Those are the questions i have at the moment. It is good to speak to somoeone who has had first hand experience on this tour. [br][br]Thank you


Hi Mike,[br][br]What was the accommodation like? I’m doing the Barcelona to Prague portion of this trip… Did you need towels? Were there blankets provided? Were there many couples on your trip, and if so did they get to sleep together?[br][br]Thanks for your info… :slight_smile:


Hey,[br][br]LauraJade, On our tour there was only one couple out of about 35 of us. However about half had partners at home. So it wasn’t just all singles.[br]The one couple on our tour did not get to share, they had to room with same sex only. I did the tour with hostels/cabins etc. If you are doing the hotel package I believe you share with your partner.[br]White water rafting was not an optional extra anywhere. In Austria you can do Canyoning which involves some abseiling, sliding down rock slides and jumping into pools of water etc which is cool. Members of another topdeck group did a non topdeck approved white water rafting tour in Switzerland and unfortunately two girls passed away and several others got injured when it overturned so I would say don’t do anything not approved by topdeck.[br]As far as the money situation goes I’d say there were lot who were conscious about money probably at least half. However alot of us took more so probably did alot more clubbing etc and went out to restuarants more often for dinner. The topdeck meals can become a little boring![br][br]ange, The accomodation varied. Some places were really good. Others sucked. Barcelona was good but we shared with 6. It had air con though which was awesome! The only other place that had aircon was Venice. This was the hardest thing for me especially in Italy as it was so hot. The sites in Rome and Florence were good as they had swimming pools as did a few other places. The worst was Paris, tiny cramped room, and Avignon was terrible. Prague was ok too.[br]Bring a towel, preferrably a micro fibre towel. About half the places provided towels. I didn’t take a sleeping bag as most (possibly all) had blankets and sheets that were clean plus it was so hot you didn’t need a blanket.[br]The couples question I’ve answered above.[br][br]Hope this helps. Feel free to ask any more that come up.[br][br]Mike[br][br]Grand European July 2009[br]+ Greek Islands Fun in the Sun


Hi LauraJade[br][br]I just finished Spirit of Europe and we had two couples, one was married and one bf & gf - they got to share rooms so maybe it just depends on the tour leader.[br][br]Amanda[br][br]Eastern Spirit 12th August 2009[br]&[br]Roman Chariot 15th September 2009


Your not serious about the girls passing away are you?[br][br][br][br]Croatia Sailing 5th Sept[br]Greek Island Hopper 19th Sept[br]Grand Europe 6th Oct