Grand European Oct 5 - Nov 1


It might be a little early yet, but I’m looking for people doing the Grand European tour starting 5th October.
I’m going to be in London for 3 nights beforehand and about 2 weeks afterwards if anyone will be around then, even if you’re not on the same tour it would be great to head to the other side of the world knowing at least a couple of friendly faces!


Hey there, yup I’m doing the grand european leaving 5 october too. I arrive in london on the 3rd and have 6 days there after the tour finishes. What part of NZ are you from? I’m in Chch. Are you staying at Clink hostel before the tour leaves?


I’m from Christchurch too! … well Timaru at the moment but I usually live in Chch.
I will be staying at the Clink before the tour and for a few days after as well. Nice to know there’ll be a least one fellow South Islander there :slight_smile:


Nice to meet you Anne! Though it’s not long now until it will be for real! Are you staying at the Clink too?
RoseM - Hope everything is ok with you and your home after the earthquake!


Yay I can’t wait to meet everyone - hopefully we can catch up at the hostel before the trip.
The Christchurch earthquake is not fun! My house is ok but almost 300 aftershocks in 5 days makes for some very tired and edgy people. Looking forward to getting away to Europe and forgetting all the worries!


Rose, glad you’re alright, it’s been a pretty damn scary few days!
I’m actually leaving home next week! I’m visiting a friend in Copenhagen for about two weeks before I go to London.
I don’t think the trip will go with just three of us :wink: but at least we’ll have the advantage of knowing each other beforehand! It’ll be great to have people to explore London with :slight_smile:
I have to start packing the the next few days and it’s stressing me out already! There’s so much to think about but at the same time I don’t want to take too much and wind up over the weight limit!
Oh, and since my username is the only one that doesn’t say it, I should introduce myself - I’m Laura :slight_smile:


Hey again Laura and Anne, I’m definitely keen to do some exploring before the trip with you guys.
Packing is a nightmare - I’ve got no idea how warm it will be in Europe while we are there… I figure London in October/November will be cold, but I think some of the places we are going will be quite warm, so we need to bring a mixture of stuff I guess. To make it more difficult I’m going to South America for a month after we are done in Europe so need to pack for hot weather too, argh!!!
Laura - Copenhagen will be so cool, I’m very envious!


I’m looking forward to Copenhagen, all the pictures I’ve seen are gorgeous. Actually all the pictures I’ve seen of Europe are gorgeous!
South America is awesome! I would love to go there one day, you’re lucky!
Packing is a nightmare! I know I’m going to end up taking a million things that I won’t wear but if I don’t take them you can guarantee that I’ll want them! I got converter plugs the other day, they look so strange so fingers crossed they work, I’ll be upset if I have to live without my ipod!