Grand European may 6th!


Hey there my name is Vito and this is my first time to europe and i though topdeck would be my best bet! I really cant wait to get out there, the stress of school is eating at me. I plan on starting in Paris and spending a few days there before the trip starts. I think it would be great if we got to know eachother before this journey starts! feel free to drop a line and let me know who you are![br]Cheers,[br]V


Hey Vito, im not on your trip but am doing the europe uncovered trip which starts on the 6th as well![br]will be there with one or two friends and staying in london a few days prior![br]Cheers[br]Jason


Hey Vito, I’m on your trip, but I’m leaving from London. Are you travelling alone? I am… I’m in Ireland atm with family and will come back to Ireland for another six months after the tour.


I am travelling with a mate from home( we are from Vancouver). I bet Ireland will be nuts for pattys day! That will an experience. We are both university students and are 22. We are looking to have great time and experience all the cultures this great continent has to offer! I really can’t wait for this!


Should be fun alright! It’s my birthday on St Patrick’s Day, so double the celebration for me! I’m working in a pub, whats more. it’ll be crazy. Are you travelling on after the tour or going home? I’m taking a year to do a working holiday. I’m from Australia, but have been in the same job for seven years, and desperately needed a change! So I’m six weeks into what I hope is the best year of my life so far.


WOW talk about double the fun! St.Patty’s day in Ireland and its your birhtday! I dont think you could ask for a worse hangover. Tha should be a great party. I am not sure what to do with myself after the trip is over… i would love to continue on somewhere (it must be cheap… money will be scarce at that point). i will just let things happen… i only bought a one way ticket. Something tells me i will never want to leave. Ilook forward to meeting you and getting this trip started! I really can’t wait…[br]V


Why isn’t your travel buddy on the forum? Reading over other people’s forum posts I’m amazed that more people don’t get on to it. I wish I could have bought a one way ticket, but it would have jeopardized my getting a visa. So I have to go home in January. I guess you can suss some places out on the tour, hey? It’s so strange to me having all these different countries so accessible! Australia is so isolated!


not sure why he hasn’t hopped on the forum…i dont even think he knows about it. Ya, i thought it would be a good way to get to know some of the people we will be spending a month with. It looks as though we are the only ones on our trip in this forum?! What brought you out to Ireland? and I know exactly what you mean by all the countries! I have never even been out of NA. The great white north seems very isolated (we dont have the friendliest neighbours). do you have facebook?[br]V


My dad spent his first eight years in Ireland, and I still have a lot of family over here who I have never met. I needed a challenge, and decided this was about as good a challenge as any. I do have facebook, I’m the only Aussie Bridie McMahon. I’m not on it much tho, coz for some really annoying reason it doesn’t work on my laptop. I can read stuff, but can’t write anything. Weird… You have one?


Hi All,[br][br]I’m doing the first part of this trip aka London to Rome tour. I’ll be traveling with my partner Sam, we’re both 24 from Melbourne, well I will be by the end of the tour, I think we’ll be in Florence when I turn 24 woo!! and cant wait to get away from work… So in need of a holiday!!![br]Look forward to seeing ya all :-)[br][br]Cheers,[br]Rowe


well hello there Rowe! I look forward to meeting you in just over two weeks. Will you be in London before the tour? I’ll be there from 1st May, but have no idea what I’ll be doing for the five days before the tour. I really should be getting organized. Anyway, I’ve heard from another Aussie guy who is doing our tour with two of his mates. He isn’t on the forum coz he is having trouble registering. He’s keen to meet up before we depart. When will you and your partner get to London?


g’day guys.[br]I got to london from South Africa 3 days ago and am on the whole trip with 2 of my mates. Bridie, i think uve been talking to ben.[br]we’re from oz, brissie boys.[br]we r now over in istanbul to do the whole ANZAC Day thing and then holland and will be back in london on the 2nd.[br]hoo roo


Hi Clacks, yeah, I have been emailing Ben. Sounds like you guys are having a mad time. Don’t go sleeping on any graves on ANZAC day, hey? Really, really bad taste…


Hi all, This is Wing from Toronto. (Vito, sounds like there’s a good Canadian representative also… I notice the abundance of Aussies on these trips…haha) I’ll also be on the first part of the tour going from London to Rome for the first 14 days. Anyone staying in Globetrotter the nights before we start heading out May 6th? Us two girls will be there!;D


G’day Wing, how’r ya? I’ll be at the Globetrotter the night before the tour starts. I was planning on being in London for the five days before we leave, but have changed my mind. I’m in Ireland for at least the rest of this year and will surely have time to get back to do London properly when I won’t be budgeting big time! Can’t wait for this trip.


;)Smart thinking; you can definitely do London more properly later on. Me and my girl buddie are staying in Globetrotter just for May 5th as well - can’t wait can’t wait!!! both of us are either stuck with school or work, hence, couldn’t take off a year for holiday or buy a one day ticket — in fact as you can see, we can only afford 14 days out of our schedules… but for sure it’ll be much fun! all of you sound like a great bunch! ;D


i hate to burst anyones bubble, but if you’re only doing say the 14 day trip, even though u may be leaving on the 6th, u are not on the same tour bus as the ppl doing the 28 day grand european.[br]on the bright side, it looks like we will all be at the globtrotter the night b4 hand.[br]and i’m pretty sure that the different tours will meet up at certain stops/places, so we can still all get maggot together![br]clacks out


U sure about that Clacks? From what I understand the Grand European crosses over with four other shorter tours and we will be travelling with other tours for different periods of time. I’m pretty sure the itinerary is the same, at least for the start


i am not sure at all actually![br]so dont quote me on that information. if it turns out to be wrong, then i will deny all knowlege of being sober when writing it![br]cya 2nite!