Grand European - May 3rd - May 30th 2016


Hi guys, I have just booked this tour and am travelling alone, so would love to meet some people before the tour starts. Who else is going on this tour? :smile:


Hey! I’m 99% sure I’ll be booking this tour next week, coming from New Zealand :smile:


Awesome hun. Let me know when you book :slight_smile: Then will actually know someone before the tour haha! :slight_smile:


I’m all booked!


Wahoo!! Ill make a group on fb for our tour so we can all get to know each other before our trip. So far just me and you haha :smile:


Ok I cant create a group until I have a fb friend to add haha! Let me know your fb name and I can add you to it and create it :smile:

#7 will find me :smile:


Ok I’ve had to add you as a friend to start the group lol then should be all good from there :smile:


Hey! I’ve had this tour booked for months, it’s coming up quickly. Anyone else jumping in on this? From Melbourne AU :slight_smile:


Hi Alyssa, How can I find you on fb so can add you to our fb group? so far there is myself and another girl who’s name is Jan. We have both met on here aswell but haven’t had luck with meeting anyone else on our tour yet haha. I’m from Darwin btw :slight_smile:


or find the group on fb -

Grand European - May 3rd - May 30th 2016

and join :slight_smile:


Fab! I just tried finding it (to be fair didn’t look hard) with no luck… is where I’m at. Would you mind adding me?

Way too keen for this trip!


Hey hun, added ya on fb so I can join you to the group :slight_smile:


Hi everyone. I’m Meryem, from Sydney/ So great to see a forum going for this group. I’ll be going for the Roman Chariot tour. How can I access the Facebook group?


So excited! Good to see you found the fb page babe. Nice to meet you :smile:


Hi everyone! I’m Devin and from the US, but I’m currently studying abroad in England. I been looking at this tour for months and today I finally booked! Can’t wait to meet everyone! :slight_smile:


Hi Dev, nice to meet you! I have made a fb group if you want to add yourself to it as well :smile:

Just search for the below -

Grand European - May 3rd - May 30th 2016



Hi There, I will also be on this trip. I’m from Melbourne :grinning: Tried to search for group on fb with no success.


Hi there, if you send me your fb link I can add you to it for you :smile:


Hi Ashlee, thanks for creating the group :+1: Such a great idea :grinning:… Not long to go… Here my fb link

Oops have removed link and will send correct one