Grand European May 26th


Hey everyone,[br]i was thinking about booking on this trip and i was just wondering if there is ayone else out there going on this trip and what they’ve heard about the trip. Also wondering if ill be the only person going solo, so give me a shout.[br][br][br]22 yr old Canadian guy


Hi Jonny[br][br]I’m going on this trip! I think that it’s pretty full (they had 10 seats left a week ago). Looking forward to it, as it goes through heaps of countries (incl. Croatia, where most of the tours don’t go, which sounds so interesting). I’m travelling solo too… :)[br][br]Karen


Hi Jonny[br][br]I’m going on this trip, but haven’t heard nothing about it, as I think that it’s quite new. I chose it, because it goes to a range of countries, including Croatia which most tours don’t cover. I’m travelling solo too, but it’s still very exciting! :)[br][br]Karen[br](25, New Zealand)


Argh - told me it didn’t post the first time :wink: