Grand European May 25


Hi Guys [br][br]Anyone else doing this tour too? Anyone??? I am from Perth. [br][br]Who has stayed at the clink? I checked it out n it does have some harsh reviews. Any tips on pre and post accommodation? I get there a day before and plan on staying a few days after sightseeing London.[br][br]Just a few months to go yipee![br][br]


Hey,[br][br]I’m going on this tour, except I am booked for April 6. I’m staying with friends when I first arrive in London and then at the clink for a night or two before the tour departs.[br][br]I cannot wait to go skydiving in Austria!



My friend and i are doing the Grand European 25th May also we are arriving a couple of days before and staying at the clink can’t wait!

Monique :O)


Yeeeaaah! Finally someone on the same tour! [8] Unfort am not staying at the clink the night before just a few km away.

R u guys having a hard time thinking of what to pack?

JO B-)