Grand european may 22


Hi there - just wanted to know if anyone has booked on the Grand European departing London on May 22nd. If anyone has done this particular tour I would appreciate some feedback. Cheers from Terry Sydney Australia.


Hi Terry,[br]I work for Topdeck in reservations and also use to work on the road! I have done the Grand European trip before and loved it![br]There are so many fantastic places that you visit on this trip, its hard to pinpoint a favourite area! Each place is so diverse, i loved the beach spots like the French Riviera and Croatia, however I also enjoyed Slovenia and the mountains in Switzerland and Austria are amazing![br]Let me know if you if you would like any more info on our trips![br]Sarah (Topdeck Reservations London)[br][br]


Hi Sarah,[br]Thanks for your feedback.It sounds like it’s going to be an awesome trip and if I remember rightly it will be the end of Spring and heading into the start of Summer.[br]The one country I have always wanted to visit was Switzerland and going by your appraisal it should be a real blast.[br]Being a real tennis fan our tour finishes on the 18th June - 1 week before Wimbledon starts - I have not secured tickets yet but applied for a ballot form. If I have to stick around London for another week is it possible to book a weeks accommodation at the Globetrotter Inn Hostel???[br]Thanks from Terry


Hey Terry,[br]That wont be a problem at all - we can certainly arrange a week at the Globetrotter for you - just let us know if you will need this and we’ll get it booked in.[br]Thanks (Topdeck)


Hey thanks topdeckers will be in touch in the next week or so regarding accommodation at the Globetrotter. If I am coming from Heathrow for example what is the best way to get there. Is there a tube service direct from the airport or do you have to catch a bus or cab. Cheers from Terry.


Hi Terry,[br][br]It is very straight forward to get from Heathrow to the Globetrotter Inn. All you need to do is follow the ?underground? signs from your arrivals terminal and get on the tube there (it will be the Piccadilly line ? dark blue). Then change at Acton Town onto the green district line and get off at Stamford Brook station. The Globetrotter is just down the road! This is also great because it is only about ?3.00 or ?4.00 for the ticket and will take approximately 30 minutes.[br][br]You will also receive all of this information when we issue you with your trip documentation. [br][br]I hope this helps.[br]Sarah (Topdeck)


Thanks Sarah - I appreciate all your help.Is this tour filling slowly.I know its still 5 months away but do people tend to book closer to the departure date. I booked so early because I am trying to secure Wimbledon tickets in the national ballot which closes 15 December. I have also noticed that it is not a guaranteed departure date - does this tour generally have good numbers being that it is in the more comfortable warmer months. Thanks from Terry.


Hi Terry,[br]I hope you had a great New Year![br]This trip is starting to fill up, however as it is still a few months away until departure we have not yet guaranteed it.[br]Wimbledom is great fun, you will love it!![br]Sarah


Hi Sarah. Happy New Year to you and all Topdeck staff and to all Topdeck travellers.I had no luck with my Wimbledon ticket ballot application - I rang them last night and unfortunately my letter got lost so looks like I will be joining the queues!!! Anyway just a few questions I have recently purchased a 73cm suitcase for my trip and I have read that the limit is 70cm. Will this be a problem because I am also travelling to the USA and Caribbean on my way back home after the Topdeck tour and I thought I might need the extra room.[br] I am glad to hear that the tour is filling slowly and if there is anyone out there also booked on this tour drop me a line. I know not everyone knows about this forum but can’t find a better way to break the ice and get to know our fellow passengers.[br] I have paid for the tour in full so when should I expect to receive my final documents?[br] Thanks very much - Terry.[br]


Hi Sarah,[br]Just reading your first post to Terry, Just wondering what happens if you have paid for a trip and it doesn’t depart due to numbers? [br]thanks


Hi Guys, [br]Bianca here, i also work for Topdeck in Reservations. Firstly the luggage will be fine, we set the sizes as a guideline but wont be too strict. The main thing that we ask is that you just have one big bag and not lots of little bags joined together.[br]As for the travel documents, they generally get emailed out 6 weeks prior to departure. If you happen to need them beforehand just let us know.[br]Finally, “if” a trip looks like it wont run due to low numbers we will always give you as much notice as possible and offer an alternative where possible for a similar trip and departure date. I hope that helps, we’ve still got a few months and the trip is filling so there are no concerns at this stage.[br]Thanks again, if you have any further questions just let us know.[br]Cheers, Bianca (Topdeck Reservations)


Thanks Bianca - good to hear that the tour is filling up and for the info on the luggage restrictions and final documents. Fingers crossed that the tour goes ahead because I have a lot of follow on travel after the tour. Cheers from Terry.