Grand European May 2017


Hi all,
I am doing the Grand European tour starting in London on 2nd May next year and wanting to find others doing the same one! I am 23 and a solo traveler from Western Australia. Any advice would be appreciated as this is my first time overseas on my own.
Thanks! :smile:


Hey! Me & my sister are doing this one too. We are from New Zealand


Hi that’s so exciting! Have you done a topdeck tour before? What part are you looking forward to most? I’m flying into London a few days before the trip starts, we should meet up if you’re starting in London.


Hey I’m from Melbourne and I’m doing the trip solo :slight_smile:


Hi Ben! Is this your first time travelling solo?


No I did a NZ topdeck tour last year. It was such a great tour I decided to do top deck again for Europe:)


Awesome! A friend of mine just got back from NZ and loved every second. Can’t wait to meet everyone and I’ve heard great things about this tour :smile:


Just booked this trip, riding solo all the way from Auckland NZ


Hiya Mitch!


Gday, my girlfriend and I have just booked for this same trip, we’re excited to meet everyone. We are planning to stay in London a few days before also :slight_smile:
I’ve never been overseas before so any tips at all would be great!


^^^^^^ I’m with him… I’m the better half!

Hey, I’m Nicole, from Victoria, we just booked this trip today! So excited to meet everyone and make unforgettable memories!


Hi it’s so great to hear from you both, next May can’t get here quick enough!


Is anyone else staying in London a few days after the tour finishes?


I’ll be in London until Thursday, may as well make the most of it while you’re there and stay a bit longer!


Hey everyone, my name is Scott and I’m travelling solo from NZ. Will be in London a day or 2 early, nad staying for a day afterward. Looking forward to meeting everyone.


Hey my names sharlina and I’ll be going solo aswell, I’m 19 and from cairns, I’ll be meeting up with you lot in Paris! And I’ll be staying 2 extra nights in London after the tour ends! Im so excited and I hope you guys will be super chilled cause this is my first time travelling overseas


Hi all, I’m Cody. I am travelling solo from NZ. Flying over a couple of days earlier and then spending just under a week in London before commencing my second tour through Britain and Ireland. Looking forward to meeting everyone!


Hi everyone!
My name’s Caitlyn, also a solo traveller coming from Sydney. I’ll be in the UK spending time with my sister before the tour, but I’ll be staying at the pick up hostel in London the night before. Anyone doing the same keen to meet up for dinner and a drink the night before? Nothing too outrageous, early start the next morning! Haha.

Dani - at the moment I think I’m most excited about skydiving in the Swiss Alps! Talk about a view. This is my first Topdeck tour, and also my first time to Europe, though not my first time traveling alone.

Looking forward to meeting and getting to know you all! Can’t wait to make some memories.


I’m staying a few nights before we leave at the hostel, would definitely be up for drinks and dinner the night before! :slight_smile:


Meeting everyone the night before for dinner and drinks sounds awesome, count me in also :relaxed: