Grand European May 15- June 11


Me and a couple of my pals from the states are doing this tour, who else is coming along?


Hey Ahmed,

I’m also booked on the same trip. Travelling by myself from Australia. Loose plans to travel around England for 3 weeks after the tour (hoping some others on our tour have similar plans).



I was actually planning on visiting London all day on the 14th lol. Hopefully I can see Big Ben, Buckingham, and the London Eye. Wish I had time to see Stonehenge :frowning: I hear England is one of the more expensive countries to visit on your own though… :confused:


Also on this trip. I’m very short on days so i’ll only have 3 days before and after to see London. Fortunately I have a cousin in London who will help me with sightseeing.


Hello guys,

I will be on this trip too, and solo.
After the tour will be staying in Britain for 3 weeks to visit family and friends.