Grand European June 3rd 2008


Anyone going on this trip?


yeah! Glad sum one else on this trip was beginning to think would be me and bus driver. Hi kitkat where u from? How old r u? U travelling alone?


Yay…Im 23, I live right outside of New York City and Im travelling alone but I found another girl going on the trip who I will be meeting up with in London. What about you??[br][br]Katrina Hanenberg


hi katrina. Yeah im travelling alone im from perth australia im 27 but having my birthday on our tour, france! I dont know anyone else on tour or really around london. I get there this monday staying at globetrotter. Who is other girl? We should meet up before tour! Im sam by the way (girl) talk again soon


yea we should def meet up…the other girl is from melbourne…we are both getting there june 1st i believe and we are both staying at the globetrotter…just drop me an email and we can figure something out……or if your on facebook you can just add me there…talk to you soooon :slight_smile: