Grand European June 28th


Hi everyone!

I have booked the Grand European departing June 28th 2011!
Anyone else booked for this date?

Am travelling solo, and planning to stay in the UK for a while afterwards, hoping to meet some people before the tour starts!

Cheers, Katie :slight_smile:


hi katie.
my sister and i just booked our tour too. leaving on the 28th.
unfortunately we only arrive just before the tour begins and we are staying in London for a few days after the tour.



Yay! I thought for a while there that no one else was going to book the same date hehe


My sister and I are also booked for this tour! we arrive a couple of days before the tour and we’re staying in London for a few days after the tour aswell!


I’ll be in London a few days beforehand too, don’t know where I’m going to stay, thinking about just one of the Topdeck hotels…

An getting very excited!!! ;D

Great to meet you!


Hello everyone!

Just wondering if there is anyone else joining us on this tour! Only 5 months to go! Yipee!



Hi everyone

I will be on this trip



My sister and I are looking forward to book this tour, we hope we can!!!
We are from Mexico and we are very excited!!!
Who has taken a tour with topdeck before?


Hi guys, 2 friends & myself are going on this trip. We’re Aussie & only get to London a day before the trip but we have 2 weeks in the UK afterwards. Looks like all girls so far :slight_smile:


We will be in London for 1 week after the trip and then I go onto a second Top deck trip so excited


Hi!!! :slight_smile:

I am booked in for this trip too. Am starting to get excited…only 8 weeks to go. Am a little nervous as I am going solo and this is my first tour. I am staying in London for a few days before and after the tour.


Hey everyone!

I am also booked for this trip… looks like thers lots of girls! yay!

im going solo as well… staying in London a few days before and after at the clink hostel - anyone else staying there?

cant wait to meet you all not long to go now! :slight_smile:


I am also staying at the clink hostel before the tour starts.
The weeks just seem to be flying by, which is great! :slight_smile:


we will be arriving on 26th june before the tour starts and staying in london for 1 weeks afterwoods if anyone wants to catch up before tour staying at the clink


I am also arriving on the 26th june and am staying at the Clink.


should meet up


That would be great! I can’t believe how quickly the trip is coming up.


I know still have so much to do before we leave


hey everyone… i am not doing the whole tour… me and 3 friends are jumping on in Rome our tour is the eastern express or something like that and it is apart of your tour so i will meet all you guys about 12 days in… i am hoping off in amsterdam and traveling the next 2 months around europe… not long until you guys take off… me and my friends will be in paris the same time the tour is but then we go to spain for running of the bulls… would be good to get to know some ppl before hand so we dont feel like the intruders when we hop on part way through… :slight_smile: