Grand European June 21st 2011


Hey guys

So I am super excited about this trip! Anyone else booked this one yet??


Anyone? :slight_smile:


Hey Lisa, tis a shame you’re not coming on the Grand European departing April 5. There doesn’t seem to be anyone going on that trip either :’(


I’m going 30AUG!! Seems like I’m the only one on mine too! I hope mine gets confirmed!!


Same, alot of the tours before and after have been put as definite departure but not mine! I hope people have booked!


Hey, I ended up changing my tour to the 6 SEP departure! Work wouldn’t let me have as much time off so I had to adjust everything


Oh sucky!

Work- the thing that gets in the way of life plans haha!



I’m doing the Grand European on the 28th June!
So far no one is on mine either… hehe guess there is a while to go!!



Haha I know sometimes I wish I could work around travelling instead of travel around work!!!
Mines September haha I got pretty excited I just had to book lol :slight_smile:


So anyone else on this trip or just me!!?


ohh im booked for july 12 but think i want to swap it for either june 21 or june 28! but its not guaranteed departure and the other says on request? whats that even mean haha


I’m booked for the June 21st departure! Add me to facebook if you’re on the same one - Brooke Segal


I’m booked for this tour ! :slight_smile:


Awesome, some more travellers on this tour- are you girls travelling solo too?


Yeah I’m traveling solo. Heading to London on the 19th of June and staying at the Clink for a couple of night before our trip leaves. Anyone else doing the same? How old are you guys?


Damn I’m going May 17th but doesn’t seem like anyone is on that one either!


I am 23, turning 24 on our tour :slight_smile: I am also staying in london for a few nights before, the clink the night before and at a yha in the city for a few days prior. What about you?


I’m 22. I’m staying at the Clink from the 19th until we leave, and then again for a night when we get back. Do you have facebook?


yes Brooke. lisa dot boron @


Hey Girls,

21, Also travelling solo. So much more fun that way well sometimes ;D be great to chat a bit more before we head over im on fb too brea monck… find me