Grand European June 2013


Hi All!

Just wondering if anyone else has booked the Grand European for the 18th of June?
I will be travelling by myself and would love to get to know some people before we depart!

Cheers!! :slight_smile:


Hello! I’ve also booked this tour for the 18th of June and will also be travelling by myself! :slight_smile: I’ll be in London from the 16th but won’t be staying at the Clink. Thinking of organizing a little meet at a pub close by?


Ah yay!! :slight_smile: I’m so excited :slight_smile:
I will be in London from the 13th, only staying at the Clink the night before we leave :slight_smile:
Yes, that sounds great :slight_smile:
Where abouts will you be staying in London?


I’ll be staying at the Comfort Inn Kings Cross so it’s close to the Clink. Will it be your’ first time to Europe?? Also if you have the Topdeck Meet app there’s a few more people on there.:slight_smile: I’m thinking the night of the 17th if we can get everyone together? I think there’s a pub in the Clink and quite a few around. :slight_smile: Can’t wait!



i have also booked for this tour.Will be at Clink on 17th so a meet up will be a nice chance to meet everyone before the actual tour as I am also a solo traveler.Looking forward to meeting everyone and to a great tour :slight_smile:


Yeah first time :slight_smile:
yes that would be great! I can’t wait either :smiley:
It’s coming up so quickly!!