Grand European June 19th!



I’m signed up for the Grand European from the 19th of June- 16th of July. I’ll be travelling by myself, this will be my first time to Europe and was wondering if anyone else is doing this tour too!?!

I’m super excited it looks like it will be an awesome time!



hi jill,
im doing this tour also with a friend. i wish i had the guts to do something like this on my own, u go girl!! where r u staying when u get to london?? we fly in on the friday before hand just so we can see a little bit of london. staying at the clink.
cant wait, we’re down to 10 weeks!!



I’m so excited to have found people going on the same trip!!
Ill probably be arriving on the 18th in london staying at the clink the night before we leave! I’ll be checking out London a little bit later in July/ August:P
Hopefully we can meet at the clink the day before!

I am far too excited… makes studying for exams VERY difficult!



hey jill,
would love to meet u for a drink the night before!!! Good luck with ur exams, what r u studying??
this trip will be the best study release ull ever find!! keep in touch. xx


I’m in Pharmacy, just finishing up second year! YESS cannot wait till May 30th when I leave!!
It would be awesome to meet up the night before. It’s exciting to have found someone that is doing the full 28 days because it seems some people are just doing rome to berlin or something, but on our bus.

Do you have any idea of what to do for a phone while in europe? are you going to get one, I heard topdeck gives free sim cards but I don’t even know what kind of phone I would need or where I would buy it that it woudl work all around europe.

If you have any ideas let me know!



I have read a few conflicting things bout an iphone. some have said to order the sim from topdeck, but i don’t think it fits in an iphone. one girl said that u can go on a website that teaches u how to cut it to fit iur iphone. others have said its better and cheaper to buy one when u get to London. im thinking of getting the sim from the topdeck ekit and only using it if im desperate, maybe on my old iphone? Otherwise im just going to use a pay phone or the internet at an internet cafe. But any phone will work over there if u have an international sim .
I didn’t realise that people were only doing part of the trip… i wonder how many r doing the full trip?? Im just looking forward to finishing work, im on holidays in 6 weeks and it can’t go quick enough.
i hope that helps with ur decision with the phone??


Hi Jill, i added the topdeck meet app on my phone but its not letting me post anything. silly thing. Not long now!!


Hi People,

I am going with another mate on our grad-trip, hope to meet new friends :smiley: But we’re gonna part @ half of the trip as we took on another one to carry on. The parcel about the sim-card has been delivered to me, but am too lazy to configure at the moment. I think you can choose for a mini sim when you purchase online. :slight_smile:

Kind Regards,