Grand European June 14-July 11


Hey hey,

My mate and I have just booked this tour…Anyone else making a cameo on it?


Looks like it’s going to be a lonely trip! ;D


Hey there MC,
Not everyone jumps on our forum, if you’re keen to get in touch with other passengers, check out our facebook page to see if there’s anyone else on your trip! The link is

Topdeck Team


Hey, I’m going on another tour that starts from London on the 14th as well and I think the first few days are pretty similar to the Grand European so we might bump into each other at the same hostels or something. Staying at the Clink for 3 nights before as well and there’s also a couple of other tours leaving the same day so some of us are planning to catch up for drinks at the Clink if you’re keen


This information is useful,thanks!


Hey mc,

My sister and I are going on the eastern express on 26 June which joins the second half of your tour from Rome back to London…

Absolutely can’t wait!!



Hey, my friend and I are going on this tour :slight_smile:


Hi guy’s

I am booked on this tour with my girl friend.
We are on a one way flight to the UK and doing this tour before we have to get a jobs

I can’t wait, sounds so good.


Im on this one too…2 wks!! ;D


Hey people!

I’m booked in for this tour as well and i’m staying at the Clink for a couple of nights before it too. :stuck_out_tongue:


wooop…me, my friend and my cousin are coming on this tour and staying at the clink for a couple nights before hand also! looking forward to it counting down the days 2 weeks 2day and we will be in parisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Hi MC, Your lucky that you have found people on your tour. Im doing the Grand European leaving London on the 30th and I havent been able to find anyone! Im just lucky that I booked with my friend otherwise I feel like nobody else is doing the tour with us haha but I know that there are other tours coming along with us so that is always a good thing! I hope your trip goes well! :slight_smile:


Hi! Me and my friend are going on this tour! Only one more week till we fly out of Brisbane! Can’t wait!!! :smiley:


Hi! I’ll be on this tour until it reaches Rome when I swap to another tour. I’m travelling alone (and a bit nervous about it!). I’ll be at Clink from 11 June


Ill be chillin at the Clink from the 12th, my flight gets there at 5:40 in the morning!
All the Clinkies should meet up for drinks!


Is that flight from hong kong? My cousin and friend get in same day and same time!! I’ve been in london for 2 and half months now and am picking them up via tube/buses if u want help getting from airport :slight_smile: keen for drinks just over a week now!! It’s beautiful weather at the moment too even got sunburnt today!!


Yeah the flight is from Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific! That’d be awesome if i had some help from the airport with you’s :slight_smile:


I mean from Sydney to Hong Kong theeeeen to London! Duhh me!


Sweet ummmmm well il carry a blow up kiwi… And name is Emma…:slight_smile: