Hi Everyone! :slight_smile:

Would love to hear from anyone and everyone also departing on June 11th for the Grand European trip!
I am travelling with a friend, we are both from Perth, Western Australia.
Cannot wait to meet you all!

Liz :slight_smile:


Hey Liz,

You need to speak to your travel agent immediately because the June 11 departure is no good… need to get on the June 4th departure because that is the one that is going to be simply amazing! That’s the one my mate Andy and I will be running amok on. Perth rocks :slight_smile:

Craig (Brisbane, but I was born in Perth :wink: )


Oh really? How come its no good?:frowning:
When we booked our agent confirmed with topdeck it was going.
But I will check with topdeck today!
Thankyou :slight_smile:
haha! oh that sounds fun! Pity we only reach europe on 6th June after your departure! Flights booked already!

Liz :slight_smile:


Oh Crap I was just saying that one was no good because we’ll be on the one departing a week earlier ahah!! That one will be fine and simply amazing also :slight_smile: Sorry!!


hahaha! oh you had me worried for a moment!
hahaha! :slight_smile: Hope you and your friend enjoy your trip :slight_smile: