Grand European: July 5th - August 1


just booked my place! wondering if there was anyone going on grand european next year departing london 5th July?
My friend and I are both pretty excited and thought it’d be pretty cool to meet some people before hand.
we’re both from sydney and will be 19 by topdecking time!


Hi there jy92,

I will most likely be booking this tour myself.
I will have just turned 22 by this time. I’m glad to hear there will be some people my own age as I am travelling solo. I’ve never travelled on my own before, so it would be awesome to get to know some people beforehand. :slight_smile:


Sup fellas
Myself and 7 others have just booked our tour for this date.
We are all from sydney too.
Im the youngest and will be 19 when we set off. The others will be like 19-25ish
Look me up on Fb if u want.
Scotty Law


I think it’s very interesting !


wicked! everyone staying at the clink hostel the night before?
can’t believe theres still like 7 months left!


Scottydoesntknow how are you my friend and hello to every one else travelling on the Grand European on July 5th to 1st August,

As Scotty mentioned there are 7 of us all from sydney and thanks for the age count mate i am 4 years everyones senior in the group of 8 :slight_smile:
I turning 27 over there.

See you soon Scotty



Hey Guys!
I’m in the group with Scotty & Ryan! :slight_smile:
Where are you Sydney people from? We’re soooo pumped for the trip!!
And don’t worry Matt, we’re all very friendly :slight_smile:
When are you all arriving in London? We’re getting there end of June, spending sometime in London before the tour…


Hey guys, Im now goin on the April 5th Grand European.
It’s a pity I won’t be joining you guys, you all sound awesome.
Ah well, I hope you all have a really fantastic time, we’ll have to compare stories :slight_smile:


I go in August…but looks like i am the only one at this stage.


Hey all,

My sister & I (couple of kiwis) will be joining ya! Looks like as per usual - aussies are going to be everywhere! :slight_smile:


Hi me and my friend megan have just booked this tour for july 5th! so excited. we are from melbourne. looking forward to meeting you all.



Hey Tishiz26, where abouts in NZ? I went to NZ in March last year for 2 weeks, and am going again for 3 days in April! :slight_smile: Dw, we won’t tease you for being kiwi…

too much! :slight_smile: lol

Yeah we’re all pumped in our group of 8 Jess…soooooo looking forward to it!
We’ll have a fantastic time! :slight_smile:


Hey guys

I just booked this trip too! I’m travelling alone so it’d be great to know a few people before it starts :slight_smile: It’s my first time travelling overseas alone too so am a bit nervous but excited. Can’t believe it’s getting so close :slight_smile:



i might be swapping to this tour… anyone here looking at going greek islands after the tour?


Wow, so excited to see so many people from Melbourne. I’m looking at booking this tour in the next couple of days, looks awesome! Also excited to see that i wont be the oldest at 25! Anyone thinking of going to Wimbledon before the tour?


Hi Guys!

I’ve just booked this tour!

I’m going solo! Can’t wait to meet you all and have some fun!



this tour was a guaranteed departure wasnt it? cos now its saying on request and i swear it was guaranteed when i swapped into it…


Hi Haylz,

If a trip shows as ‘available’, it is on sale but not yet a guaranteed departure. ‘Guaranteed departure’ means that we have guaranteed it will go ahead. ‘On requestÂ’ normally means that the trip is nearly full so we need to contact our suppliers before we can confirm any more bookings.

Hope this clears things up a little.
Cheers, Topdeck


Thanks yes this does help :slight_smile:


Hi there!
I’m also booked for this tour (i wrote my own post, but was directed here - so thank you). My name is Diona (female) and i’m 26 travelling on my own from Adelaide.
Would love to FB anyone interested just so we can set up some contact before the trip and know some friendly faces.

Diona Ashenden (if you want to look me up).