Grand European July 2017


Hey guys!
Anyone doing the Grand European trip leaving 18th July 2017?


Hi Emily,

I’m booked in to do this tour! :relaxed:


Oh yay!! Where are you from?


Sorry for the late reply, forgot to come back & take a look.
I’m from Sydney, will be flying out on the 15th
Where about’s are you from?


Hey guys, me and my friend Stephanie are also doing this tour! We are from NZ and leaving for London on the 16th :slight_smile:


Hi Anneke,
Awesome news!!!
Not long to go now :smile:


I’m from NZ too! Grew up in Auckland and in Wellington for uni. Leaving for London on the 11th I think (still need to book flights!)


You are all going to have the best time !!! Did this trip last year and it was amazing


What did you enjoy the best about the trip Nicole?
& any tips/pointers you can give us?


The people, sounds cheesy but everyone got along so well and I couldn’t have asked for a better group. All the places were amazing though and good food. Um take blister packs, some like throat lozenges ( everyone on our bus got sick pretty much from the circulated air I think it was so be prepared), a little line to dry clothes on, antiseptic cream. If you have any questions or want more tips feel free to add me on fb and I’d be happy to tell you more


Thanks so much for that!
Would not have thought to have packed those things :relaxed:
& will definitely hit you up on FB if I need some more tips


Yay that was super helpful thanks heaps Nicole!
Just booked my flight to London, getting so excited :slight_smile:


Yes I’m interested to join your and travel with you .


Hey guys I’m doing this trip to! Are there any of you that will be exploring london before hand that want to meet up? I’m travelling alone :slight_smile:


Me! I’ll be in London from the morning of the 12th of July and have no real plans, staying at a cousins but she’ll be working during weekdays so I was planning to just explore on my own :slight_smile: Would be rad to have someone to look around with though!


Yay Amber!

I’ll be arriving early morning on Sunday 16th & I’m keen to check out a bit of London!

If anyone is keen, on the Monday 17th, I’m doing the Harry Potter tour at WB studios so if anyone else wants to come along?


I was planning to do the Harry Potter tour too! Have you booked already?


I have already booked Emily. When I was looking a lot of places were already booked out!!

I booked mine through this website, which looks like it still has availability.
I booked for the 10am Departure


I’d better book mine then!


Great Would love to explore with some friends then to! I’ll book in for the Harry Potter tour to I was keen to do that. If you girls wanted to add me on Facebook would be easier to chat especially closer to the time! My name is Amber Jade. I look forward to meeting you guys!