Grand European, July 1, 2017!


Heyy guys! My name is Andre and I am 18, from Melbourne, Australia and am heading off on the Grand European on July 1st! If anyone else is doing this trip comment on this so we can get to know each other a little before we head off so we can have the best time possible! I hope you all are just as exited as me, I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and sharing stories and soon creating memories which will last a lifetime!


Hey Andre!
I’m doing this trip! I have 3 other friends coming along too and we’re all from Perth!
Very, very excited. Not long now! :smile:


That’s awesome!!! No not long at all haha (116 days to be exact :wink: ) looking forward to meeting you all soon then haha :yum:


Hey guys!! I’m on this trip as well - super keen :sweat_drops:


@scibbo looks like people are booking this trip now :ok_hand:t3:


Yes hahah i think i was the first to book :joy: where are you from?!


I’ve had this booked months and months ago hey :joy: From Australia central coast! Mate, you should download the topdeck app and get into it :wink: There’s a group chat in there - heaps easier to talk to and see what everyone’s plans are :ok_hand:t3:


Very nice! And i do have it but there are no messages by anyone on the app except mine! Hahah


Hey Everyone,

I’m Casse from the United States. I’ll also be on this trip :slight_smile: