Grand European dept 7th sept


Hi All,

I am new to this top deck travel business and I am hoping to find some people that will be on my tour.
Grand European dept 7th Sept 2010.
I am travelling from Aus on my own so I am hoping to find some people that may be leaving from Aus at the same time or will be at the hostel at the same time.



Hi Janelle
I’m from Melbourne, also going on this tour… There is also a couple of girls from NZ as well… Ive been trying to find ppl since last November!! I’m staying at the clink from 4th Sept… I fly out the 16th August as I’m doing a great Britain & Ireland tour before this one. First time to Europe and also first tour with Topdeck. Ive already started packing, so much to take.
Whats the dates your at Clink?


Hi Larissa,

I am at the Clink from the 5th. Flight leaves Sydney on the 4th. I am very excited. I havent started packing just yet. But I should probably think about it soon. I am doing a tour of Greece after the Europe tour.



Hey guys,

My partner and I (from Christchurch, NZ) are going on the Roman Chariot tour on the 7th, which I think it the first part of the grand european. We are meeting the tour in Paris though since I’ve never been and wanted to hang out there for a few days first. Getting really excited but also nervous (so much still to organise, we are travelling on our own for a bit too)

Looking forward to meeting you soon!


Looking forward to meeting you too Amy.


Hi Amy

Can’t wait to meet everyone… I’m counting down the days. C u in Paris.
Janelle - might see you at Clink in London…



Hi Larissa,

I hope to see you there too. Have just been reading a little bit of a review for the Clink. Some not so good, so hopefully its all ok.




Is anyone thinking of booking the Eiffel Tower in advance for our day in Paris. I’m looking at doing it in the afternoon before the picnic but that’s apparently the busiest time of the day and I don’t want to wait for hours…


Hey Hey, glad to see some others on this tour. I’m also on it by myself, first time in Europe. Arriving in London 27th August for a 10 week holiday. Will book into the Clink close to the departure date so will probably meet most of you before we leave.

As for Eiffel Tower, i’ve heard that as a tour group we may get ushered through a bit quicker rather than just lining up as normal but can’t confirm that.

Counting down the days.



Thanks Brent,

Yip I guess I will risk just queueing for it, there is just so much to do in Paris that I don’t want to spend hours in a line!!

Looking forward to meeting you soon,



Count Down is on now guys. Cant wait to meet you all :slight_smile:


Hi guys

Im off in 12 days. :slight_smile:
With the Eiffel Tower I believe we are safer to make a booking.
We don’t actually go on the Eiffel Tower we just go on a sightseeing tour around Paris. (so we only view it from the outside)
A friend of mine went on a topdeck tour a couple of years ago and never got to see the Eiffel Tower because the lines were too long. (She travelled around the same time and was disappointed she never got to go).
I personally would rather book a ticket and be happy rather than regretting it if we never get the opportunity to go…
I have also read that its either best to first thing in the morning or before sunset…
What do you think? If we want to go together we need to decide which level and the time.

Brent - I wouldn’t leave booking your accommodation too late. Being shoulder season It may get fully booked.

I haven’t really had much time to do any researching but need to find time over the next week.
Would anyone be interested in going to a Mass at the Vatican? You have to prebook, can do so up to 6 weeks in advance.

c u soon.


Hey Larissa,

I’m happy to book for the Eiffel tower if others want to. I’ve been trying to schedule my time in Paris and reckon that we will be at the tower around 3.30-4ish (probably the busiest time) unless we are able to get to the tower first thing in the morning (I’m not sure how early we get going in the morning). We are planning on doing a tour of the Paris Opera house from 11.30 to 1 so will have to fit around that… I’ve heard the views from the second level are actually better since you can still make things out (probably would significantly reduce the wait time too).

What day/time are you thinking of going to mass? We are just doing the Roman Chariot portion so we end in Rome and are hanging around for a couple of days so we can go to the Pope’s Wednesday address. We would be pretty keen on going to mass as well though!

The other place you really need to book in advance (as far as I can tell) are any art galleries in Florence. We have booked for Galleria Academia at 3.30pm. Since neither of us are mega into Art we’ve decided to give Uffizi a miss this trip. Is there anything else that needs booking in advance that I have missed???



Hi all,
just looked up the booking for the eiffel tower. I’d prefer to go all the way to the summit as it’s only an extra 5 euro and l figure why not since l probably won’t do it again. It’s 8 for the 2nd level and 13 euro for all levels. Anyway does anyone have any ideas for a time that won’t interfere with any other activities that might be planned for us. Cheers.



Hey everyone.

Janelle(sorry if I spelt it wrong) I’ll be at the clink on the 6th sept at about 7 am or so. I’m a Newby to Topdeck, europe and travelling. Also by myself.

Guys, I’m also a bit worried about booking things. I haven’t planned anything extra. Should I? My origional tour got cancelled so sorta winging it. Lol

Ainsley ;D


Hi Ainsley,

You spelt it right :slight_smile: Don’t stress to much. I haven’t booked anything extra either. I think Im just going to see how we go at the time or closer to.


Hi guys,

IÂ’m doing the Spirit of Europe tour starting Sep 7 and staying at the Clink from Sep 5. We could organize a meet-up party before we all start!!! :wink:

I was also checking the Eiffel tower for e-tickets on Sep 8 right before the picnic; problem is that I donÂ’t know what time the picnic will beÂ… any idea? After the picnic could be an option, last lift up is at 10:30pm for the top floor but donÂ’t want to miss the Seine river cruise eitherÂ…
Where are you staying in Paris? IÂ’ll be at B&B Hotel Porte de la Villette.

Same goes for Accademia in Florence because my tour leaves for Rome sometime in the afternoon of Sep 14Â…




Awesome, I don’t feel so worried now lol. I think a meet up would be awesome :D. Also does anyone have any tips on how to pack lightest I can without sacrificing too much haha. I want maximum buying while over there. I’ve got 7 family members and 1 partner to buy for haha. I was thinking that I would just post things back, but does anyone know if it is hard or not?


Hi everyone,

My mate and I are also going on this tour. We arrive at Clink on the 4th.

We fly out in just under 2 weeks, doing Beijing and southern Germany first. See everyone there!



Looking forward to seeing you there Ryan