Grand European Departing August 25th


[br]Hi all,[br][br]Just putting this out there in case there are any others on this tour. [br][br]Anyone else coming?[br][br]Cant wait for this holiday!!![br][br]Grand European Tour[br]August 25th 2009


Hi, [br]I’m Carly!![br][br]Sorry didnt see this post so i’ve justed started a new topic for this tour! At least its on the front page so people might see it and reply! [br][br]Whats your name?[br][br]Grand European[br]25 August 2009


Hi Carly[br][br]My name is Nick. [br][br]I’m from Perth in West Australia. Where are you from?[br][br]How long are you in London before hand? Have you booked the generator yet. Looks like it should be fun.[br][br]Have you done a tour before?[br][br]If you are on facebook at all you can search me.[br][br]Cheers[br][br][br]Nick[br][br]Grand European Tour[br]August 25th 2009


Hey Nick, [br][br]I’m from Melbourne… [br]I haven’t booked the Generator yet but will probably book it for the 23rd and 24th. I arrive in London on the 22nd but plan on getting a hotel room that night to sleep off the jet lag. [br][br]Nah I have never done a tour before, so pretty nervous![br]Have you?[br][br]Carly[br][br][br]Grand European[br]25 August 2009


Hey Carly[br][br]We booked the generator for the night we get there on the 19th and then we are heading up to Manchester for a few days. We are staying there again from the 23rd. [br][br]My friend and I did a european wonder with topdeck last year and had the time of our lives. That was only for 14 days so the 28 day tour is going to be awesome.[br][br]We will have to meet for a drink in the generator so there are some friendly faces for when it starts. .[br][br]I’m seriously counting down the days now.[br][br]Nick[br][br]Grand European Tour[br]August 25th 2009


5 weeks and counting till holidays!!![br][br]Nick[br][br]Grand European Tour[br]August 25th 2009


Hey Nick,[br][br]How are you?[br]This thread is very quiet… I hope more people are coming ???[br]I had a look at your photos… or should i say your arse all over europe haha [br][br]Will this tour overlap on the sites and cities you saw on your tour last year?[br][br]Cheers :)[br]Carly[br][br]Grand European[br]25 August 2009


Hi guys, [br]I’ll be joining you! Can’t wait!!! ;D[br]


Hey Annie,[br][br]Where r u from? R u travelling solo?[br][br]Carly[br][br][br][br]Grand European[br]25 August 2009


Hey Carly,[br]I’m from wollongong and travelling solo! Are you?


Ahh, yes. There was a few embarrassing pics from the last tour but strange things happen after spending so much time with a group.[br][br]I have been to Paris, Lauterbrunnen and Italy before but we were only in each place for a day so there is heaps more to see especially in paris and Switzerland is just gorgeous.[br][br]I’m glad there is another of us! I don’t think to many people look at the forum their first time though, i know i didn’t![br][br]28 days of work left. I need holidays!!![br][br]Have you guys booked the generator yet?[br][br]Nick[br][br]Grand European Tour[br]August 25th 2009


Hey guys,[br][br]Yep I’m travelling solo!!! Aggh scary![br]I’ve booked the generator for the night before and the night we get back. Will probably stay and work in london for a couple of months after that so i’m starting to get pretty nervous about the move. [br][br]Not long now!! R u guys all organised?[br][br]Do u have facebook annie?[br][br]Carly[br][br][br]Grand European[br]25 August 2009


Hey,[br][br]Yeah, if you search for ‘anneliese carden’ you should be able to find me- don’t think there’d be too many of us![br][br]I’m not staying at the generator because i’ll be with family before the tour, so i’ll meet you all there bright and early the morning we leave… Carly, i’m nowhere near organised! I don’t even know what i’m meant to be organising… but hopefully it’ll all be done by the time i leave! Haha. [br][br]Less than a month to go… YAY!![br][br]Annie[br][br][br]


As long as you have your towel, clothes and passport you will be fine.[br][br]We rocked up for ours last year still mostly pissed from the night before. Your basically just herded onto your bus and then you start making all your friends then. [br][br]Not long now[br][br]Nick[br][br]Grand European Tour[br]August 25th 2009


Haha yeah well i guess i’m a little more stressed because i have to move out of my house before i go… [br][br]It really hasn’t hit me that it is so soon…My biggest concerns at the moment are which clothes to pack… :slight_smile: and spending money and travel insurance… AGHHH!![br][br]Did u spend a lot in 14 days Nick?[br][br][br]Grand European[br]25 August 2009


For travel insurance contact your bank! They will probably put you through to a company called Vero but its cheaper via your bank than calling them direct.[br][br]Yeah I spent heaps probably about 3-4 thousand but to be fair we were drinking a lot. Most of the girls spent heaps less. It really depends on what you want to do. If your on a budget don’t start drinking at 9am! Its just sometimes easier cause that way you don’t get hungover.[br][br]When do you fly out? We land in London on the 19th so we are staying at the generator for a nigh and then heading up to Manchester for a day or 2.[br][br]Nick[br][br]Grand European Tour[br]August 25th 2009


Covermore has just agreed to match a MUCH cheaper quote… ;D;D;D[br]Thank god!! I have done months of research and fake claims to test other companies (haha all treated me like ****) but it has all worked out. I couldn’t go through my bank as I am going for over 6 months… Thanks for the advice anyway![br][br]I fly out on the 21st August!! [br]OMG I can’t believe how much you spent in 14 days… Thats insane![br]Did u do all the optional activities? What was good?[br][br]Grand European[br]25 August 2009


yeah I spent a lot but It was awesome! Just drink less. There is always different people who wish to do different things, we just decided to get maggot all the time but I don’t think we will be doing it quite so much this time.[br][br]I did everything apart form skydiving which i want to do this time![br][br]13 days till we fly out. Awesome!!! [br][br][br][br]Nick[br][br]Grand European Tour[br]August 25th 2009