Grand European departing 29th March 2016


Hey Topdeckers!
I’m super keen to get to know who else has booked this trip, springtime in Europe - going to be beautiful! :sunflower:
I’m from New Zealand, traveling solo, and this will be my first trip outside of NZ/Australia. Looking forward to meeting you all!


Hello Shelby!!!

Yay!!! Someone else is doing this tour too!!! Super excited to meet everyone n have a trip of a lifetime!! Cnt wait :slight_smile: I’m from around Perth, Australia n it’ll be my first international trip too!! Traveling solo as well :slight_smile:


Oh horah! I’m so glad you found my post! I am sure others will find us soon! :smiley: feel free to add me on Facebook - I’m pretty sure I am the only Shelby Farmer that lives in Auckland. Looking forward to meeting you!!


Hey all! I’m also from Perth :slight_smile: Really looking forward to this trip. Furthest I’ve gone from Australia is to NZ to see family. Anyone also staying at the Wombats Hostel prior?

Chat soon :slight_smile:


Hi Callum!

I don’t think i’ll be staying at Wombats, i’m trying to sort out staying with some friends of my sister. However I would be keen to catch up for a drink before the trip begins - I will be in London from the 24th!

Are you travelling solo too?


I get in on the 24th too :slight_smile: catching up wherever for a drink sounds good. Yep travelling solo.


Greetings fellow travellers!

We all off to the Grand European on the 29th of March? Fantastic!
I am also solo travelling and from Australia(other coast mind you)

Feel free to add me on Facebook if you wish, there are not many Mavericks in Australia so you should find me easy enough.

On a side note, anyone know any good places to stay in London? First time abroad and I would be lying if I said I knew what I was doing.


Oh dear, I made my username something silly didn’t I?

Maverick Anderson is my whole name to anyone looking


Hi Maverick!
Careful - with a username like that you may have just secured yourself a trip nickname :wink:

A friend of mine traveled around London and she mentioned The Generator was a pretty cool backpackers - not sure how the prices stack up against Wombats though - As I am waiting to hear back from pals on accommodation I haven’t done much research myself!

I wasn’t able to find you on Facebook. This’ll make it easy - This is me:
Haha, looking forward to meeting you!


Great! Although I realised recently that every day between the date of arrival in London and the trip departure will be Easter!! eek! I’m sure touristy things will still be happening - i’m thinking about sussing out joining an Easter egg hunt!

On the downside - Easter might put a bit of pressure on accommodation plans!


I wonder how big a deal Easter is in London…

Haha you can if you want, I’d say keep things simple!


Howdy. I don’t know much either re accommodation, or what I’m doing, but the Topdeck site goes with the Wombats hostel - that’s where I’m staying.


Hi all.
Just another traveller joining this wonderful tour in 2016. I’m from Melbourne, Australia and I’ve never stepped foot out of Australia. I’m going a few days earlier to visit family. But happy to meet some fellow travellers beforehand and get all the pre-travel jitters out. Can’t wait to meet you all and go on this awesome holiday. :slight_smile:


Sounds like it’s going to be a big trip for all of us!! Looking forward to meeting you! :smile:


Yeah it took a bit of searching but glad we all found it, you’ve started the trend lol…I’ll add u on fb n check in…maybe we could all catchup before we set off :slight_smile:


13 weeks!! (and 2 days) - getting a bit excited :smiley:


WOOOHOOO! :smile:


Wow. The time is going to go so quick!! Getting very excited now :smiley:


Indeed the date gets ever closer and Im still yet to arrange my passport, flights and accommodation, very fun 13 weeks for me. nevertheless looking forward to it!


Hey Maverick,
There’s a boxing day sale on flights from webjet at the moment, until the 2nd of Jan. Not sure what sort of savings, but worth a look I reckon.