Grand European Aug 8 - Sept 4 2017!


Hi everyone!

My name is Tarsha and I’m travelling solo on this tour! Was just wanting to chat to anyone else coming along!


Hey Tarsha!

My name is Bec and i’m going to be on this tour with you! I’m travelling solo as well :slight_smile:
Look forward to meeting you!


Hey Bec! I’m so excited that someone responded to me hahah so keen for this trip! Where are you from?


Hey guys! Me and my partner just booked this tour(aged 20/26) :slight_smile: we’ve connected to the topdeck app too! Who wants to be friendssss!!! Any other couples going? we could double date? :wink:


Hey trinity! Can’t wait for the trip! I’m 24 from Melbourne and coming alone so I’m happy to awkwardly third wheel hahaha :blush:


Hahah, Sounds like a plan. Sorry for late reply I was waiting to book my flights first ahah!
We are from Adelaide and will be arriving in London on the 7th and staying at the wombats hotel the night before :slight_smile:


Hey guys, we made a facebook group!