Grand European Aug 26


Hey is anyone else on this tour?


hey - im going on this tour, by myself - am arriving a couple days before the tour, staying at globetrotter inn then stayin in london after [br][br]who else is going?


Hey Angie,[br]good to see someone else on this tour. where abouts are you from? im from Melbourne. are you staying at Globetrotters before the tour departs?


hey yes staying in globetrotter inn i get there on 24th then am staying in there after the tour for about 3 days.[br][br]i hope our tour gets more ppl - when i booked there was only 6 people on it![br][br]u getting excited? i cant wait - just have to sort out wat to take - always the hardest thing![br][br]anyone else coming with us?


Just me and a mate of mine. i don’t know anyone else going. 6?? what the hell. how long ago did you book? cause it is a guaranteed departure so there should be a few more people then that coming.[br]yeah we get to Globetrotters on the 24th as well.[br]i cant wait, im so excited.[br]but yes choosing what to bring is the hardest part, and i feel that no matter how hard i think about it, no doubt something will get left behind.[br]so where abouts in Australia are you from?


im from brisbane. [br]i booked 2 weeks ago - i asked if it was guaranteed and the chick said yes so maybe heaps more ppl have booked by now. [br][br][br]


Hey guys, [br][br]I just booked this tour and pumped! Previously booked on the European Getaway tour but it got cancelled but happy now cos tour this is much better anyways. I’ll be at the Globetrotters on the 25th, one day before the tour, and staying for 2 nights afterwards before going to Oktoberfest. Just hope that I dont have jetlag :)[br][br]You guys on Facebook?


Hi guys, [br]I’m going on this tour! I can’t wait. I’m actually joining the tour is Paris 'cos I will have been in Paris with another friend for the week before. I’m 22, female, from Melbourne, Australia.


sounds awsome im 21 from brisbane - this tour is gonna be mad!


Hey everyone,[br]yeah im on this tour with my best mate. we are both guys, 20, from Melbourne. My mate Alex is actually turning 21 on the tour, and from looking at the details of the tour we are in Monaco that night! i cant wait. we leave here the 19th of August and stay in London for a week before the tour.


What’s everyone one doing after the tour? I don’t fly back to Melb until the 5th of Decemeber! I’m planning on doing some of my owning backpacking around Europe.


Im 27 from Geelong, flying solo also. Doing this tour then Oktoberfest then a week to do whatever before flying back home. Would love to get over to Ireland - just gonna wing it i reckon…[br][br]Great to see there is now 5 of us on the tour!! If we are all staying at the Globetrotter maybe we should catch up for a drink the night before?


a drink sounds great!


turning 21 on tour… that would be awesome! We’ll have to have a big celebration. I also have my birthday on tour… turning 23, so not really as spec… but still deserves a few drinks. [br]I’m still trying to find someone that is meeting the group in Paris!


Wow, a couple of birthdays on our trip. Not that we needed any excuse to clelebrate, but now we will have extra incentive, haha! Sounds great![br][br]Anyone going to Oktoberfest after this tour? Heard about one guy went on one of the topdeck tours there while he had his birthday and the whole tent sang happy bday to him…crazy![br][br]Hey was thinking we should start up a facebook group, you guys on there? If so add me “adam colless”…[br][br]Not long now :)[br][br]


i think its safe to say that we are all going to party our lil hearts out lol - getting so excited i just changed my flights so i will be in london from 15th aug ! in time for v festival[br][br]i want to go to oktoberfest but if i were to i would be booking after our tour - so im not sure if anything will be available[br][br]facebook sounds good add me “andrea chapman”


I’ve changed my trip around a little too, and am now starting the tour in London with you guys… rahter than meeting the tour in Paris… I prob won’t be staying at the Globetrotter Inn thougb cos my best mates live in London… however, I am staying there for 2 nights after.


Hey future travel/drinking buddies![br]I really should start a thread of my own more specific, but for now I thought I’de say hello! I’ll be a late starter, being as I am doing the “Eastern Escapade” tour, I am pretty sure it’s the same tour as you lot, I’ll just be kicking off a week later in Venezia! It’s so soon now, it’s really exciting, particularly because I can’t wait to soak up some of the warm warm Croatian sun![br][br]I’m a 24 yr old female Sydney-sider, and I will look forward to meeting you all on the road- I’ll be the one that is already shamefully covered in souveniers![br]Ps, how is everyone’s Italian/German/Dutch/English etc…?[br]all I’ve got so far is Ciao, schwein, stroopwaffle and mate…


3 weeks left everyone…