Grand European Anyone on this one?


Hey guys! Im going on the Grand European on the 5 August. Is there anyone coming along? Iโ€™d love to catch up before the trip to make things a bit less scary!!! :smiley: I have posted this before but it looks like it might just be me as ive had no responses! :)[br][br]Nic[br]:slight_smile:


hey knickers, donโ€™y worry, i did the same trip last year and no one replied to my forum either. Its not that bad once u get there as most of u meet up the night before at the Globetrotter and have drinks there.[br][br]Bec


Hi, am on this trip! see you there!


Hey vivi!![br]Its so great to see someone else is going! haha i was starting to think i was by myself! Are you staying at the Globetrotters the night before?[br]Only 2 sleeps to go!!! Cant wait!![br]Iโ€™ll see you there!![br]Nicole