Grand European 9th August 2011



Just wondering if anyone is doing the Grand European starting 9th August??!
I’m going solo… So I thought it might be good to have a few contacts before it starts :slight_smile:
Also I’ll be staying at the clink on 8th August… Ready for the early start the next morning!

Not long to go!!! ;D


Hey Carly,

I’ve booked this tour with a friend of mine and we are also booked in @ Clink.

Really starting to get excited!



Hi Ivy

Glad to hear I won’t be going on the tour by myself haha was starting to get a bit worried lol
Starting to get excited too!! Just over 5 weeks til I leave!
Cool about the clink, maybe we could meet up for a drink the night before or something


Anyone else on this tour???


Hi Carly, My friend and I are on this tour as well. We will actually be in London much more in advance, in fact, im already here and planning a tour of UK before europe.

Really excited for this trip :smiley:


Hi. Yep I’m on this tour too, going solo.
I get into London on 5th of August, staying at the Clink Hostel for a few days check out London etc.
Can’t wait, going to be awesome!



Yay more people!

Krishant - rather jealous you’re already there!! I’ve still got 4 weeks of waiting

Nick - I’ll be getting to London on the 5th too, but won’t be at the clink til the 8th

Sooo excited! Would be great to meet for a drink or something the night before… Don’t really fancy spending the night by myself haha


32 days till the tour starts guys. I’m getting pumped!!!

Def keen to meet for a drink the night before. How should we do this?


I’ve been planning this for ages now… Can’t believe it’s nearly here!

Haha good question… I dunno, I guess just all agree on a time and maybe meet at the reception of the clink or something?? That would probably be easiest


I’ve been counting the days until I leave LOL

Will you be taking a suitcase or backpack?


I’ve got a backpack that has wheels! So I’ll be wheeling as much as possible, but will be able to carry it if need be. What about you?


I orginally thought backpack, but couldn’t find one with wheels so decided on a suitcase. Haven’t purchased one yet.

Where did you get yours from?


I got mine from All Seasons Camping in Penshurst… Not sure if they will still have the wheeled ones, they’re closing at the end of the month orrr there’s a new camping shop at Rockdale called Anaconda :slight_smile:


Thanks, I’ll check it out. :slight_smile:


Cool… Good luck!


Hey guys!

I’m doing this tour solo as well. Going to the clink on the 8th, it’d be good to meet you guys before.

I leave the tour after we return back to Athens, i bet I’ll want to stay on for longer though!!


Hey Fiona,

After the tour I’m heading to Mykonos via Athens!

Its going to come up so quickly!


Hey I’m on this trip to! I’m 18 and from Birmingham :slight_smile: I’m staying at my sisters in London the night before then getting a lift to the meeting point in the morning. Really looking forward to it!


Hi all,
Keep meaning to reply. Yeah definitely keen to meet up the night before, yeah probably easiest to agree on a time and meet up then.
Just brought myself a backpack with wheels… best of both worlds I thought.
27 days… coming up fast now!!


22 days til I fly out!!! So soon

Okay well I guess we’ll just organise a time to meet closer to the date…