Grand European 9 June 2012



I was wondering if anyone who is reading these posts is doing the Grand European starting on 9 June 2012? I am going on the trip by myself, I live in Melbourne Australia and thought it would be nice hear from anyone doing this tour. I would imagine I’m one of the older people doing this tour, I’m 32 but I dont feel 32 at all!! haha

Has anyone been reading up and figuring out information about the tour and things you need to know etc.

I have been about a few things but I’m still unsure about what visa’s I need as my travel agent told me I dont need any and the information page confuses me, but to be honest I haven’t given it a thorough read. Seeing I will be only travelling for around a month I think most coutries (if not all) dont require a visa being an Australian citizen. But I’d love to hear if this is true or not.

Anyway, I’d like to hear from anyone who is going on this tour on 9 June 2012 or anyone who has done the tour and would like to share some helpful information.



Hi Sally,

Im doing the grand european on the 9th June 2012. My sisters are coming with me. Im 24 and my sisters are 19 and 21. Im really excited about going and been saving up for ages. Sorry but I dont know anythng about the visa’s but I would love to know.



Hey Michelle, I’m not sure if you are Australian or not but if you are you don’t need Visa’s from what I have read up on. I also have been to a doctor and was advised I didn’t need any injections but you might want to check out when the last time you had a tetanus shot, but if you are concerned best check with a doctor. Sorry, I like to plan but yes I’m the same i’ve been saving for a long time and still saving my spending money. I’ve started to get really excited about it. That’s a great idea bringing your sisters along!! I booked in a day tour around London on the 8th of June and I arrive the 7th of June and i’m staying at the Clink I think its called. My travel agent told me I should check out the Dungeon in London, he loved it.


Hi Sally,

We are from Sydney. I spoke with a travel agent about the visas too and she said I didn’t need any. We are arriving on the 5th June and we are staying at the clink too. My baby sis is going to be our tour guide. She has been to London a few times so she knows all the places to go. Have you received any info from top deck about the trip? Its about 5 weeks away and I have heard nothing. I have been reading up on it and they were meant to send something out 8 weeks before we leave. Will be contacting them soon to find out whats going on. Hopefully will catch you at the clink before we leave.



Hey Michelle I just booked my trip I am also from syd I’m 25 Traveling solo. Where abouts in syd r u from?


Hi Svetlana,

We are from Penrith. Where are you from?



Hi There,

Just introducing us…me and my partner Nick are heading on this trip and are super excited. We are kiwis from CHCH but have spent the last 2 years in Melbourne. We are both 25. We’ve moved over here with our UK visas and are going to live here and get work in the next few months.

Question…does anyone know if there is a pre tour drinks or something?!

Bronnie :stuck_out_tongue: