Grand European 9 August - 5 September 2016!


Hi guys, I just booked the Grand European on the above dates. Just wondering if anyone out there is on the same tour!? 29, female, travelling solo, Brisbane Australia. Thanks! :smile:


Hey Breezil,

hows it going ?

yea contemplating the Grand European on the same dates …



Hey Karan!

Yeah very excited for the trip!! Get on the bookingggg :grin: hehe.


haha you sure are :smiley:

still contemplating between contiki or topdeck moreover havnt done a solo trip so confused :slight_smile:

shall keep you posted how i go :wink:

meantime are you on facebook or whatsapp ?

  • cheers


Yeah I haven’t done a solo trip either! Didn’t look into Contiki much but heard good things about both :slight_smile: Wondered if Top Deck would have a more varied age range of group hehe.


Hopefully there’s some people that have booked this tour! hahah :slight_smile:


ahahah i am still confused … choice of plenty …

btw are you on whatsapp or facebook?


Hi Breezil,

As luck would have it I am also on this tour crossing heading from Brisbane (and am 29 in September). Am not traveling solo as my old housemate who now lives in London is coming along (she is also same age ex-Brisbanite). Chose Top Deck as I actually want to see the sites without too much of a hangover which I think would have happened on Contiki plus like you was hoping for a more varied age group. Am super looking forward to August.

  • Jane


Hey Jane,
Ah that’s awesome!! I’m really looking forward to it as well :slight_smile: It doesn’t seem real yet that we will be going to all these places!
Look forward to meeting you and your friend!

  • Bree



I have booked the Roman Chariot part of this tour 9th-21st August. Never done any solo travelling before, so a little nervous but excited!

Sam x


Hi Sam!
I’ve only travelled once before my myself and nothing like this trip! So there will be other people in the same boat…we’ll be fineee and lots is already organised for us! Lots of tips and tricks online. Looking forward to meeting you! Not long to go now!! :slight_smile:


I know, only 4 weeks away!! Are you starting the tour in Londonor Paris?


Starting in London! Staying at Wombat the night before :slight_smile: You too?


I might be staying at a friends, if not i will be staying at Wombats. I only live 30miles out of London but can’t get there for 6am in the morning!


Hey guys, I’m doing the Grand European on those dates as well. 24 year old from Melbourne, also travelling solo and staying at Wombats beforehand. :slight_smile:

Less than a month away now!


Hi guys!

I’m on this tour too! I’m 24 years old traveling from Perth with my partner :slight_smile: we’re staying at Wombats the night before as well. This is my first big, overseas trip!
Getting super excited to meet everyone, not long to go now :slight_smile:


Hi everyone :smiley:

I’ll be joining you for the 2nd half of this tour (Eastern Wanderer) starting in Rome! I’m so excited :slight_smile: I’m 26 years old coming solo from Montreal. Looking forward to meeting you! -Kate