Grand European 9/7/13

Hi guys!
Just booked the grand European for 9 July 2013, anyone else in the same tour?
I’m from Australia and heading over on my own :slight_smile:
Would be great to know some people on the same tour!

Hey, how old are you Lauren? I went over this year in their summer and absolutely loved it! Top deck is the best, seriously! Tingling of doing this tour next year. Can’t wait.

Hey,I’m 24. What about you? I’m so excited for it! A little nervous I’m going over on my own, but I’ve heard a lot of people do it!

Hi guys
Any some people on the same tour ( booked).

Hi Loz,
I’m looking at going over to Europe to do that tour solo too. What are your plans before/after the tour?

Hi!! Not sure of any plans before and after yet. I’ll look at getting to London a couple of days before the tour starts. Have you booked anything yet?

Hi loz i know this was posted a while ago but i have just booked this tour also
i am also going solo.
its nice to know someone else is going on the same tour

Hi guys!
I’m also booked on this tour! So excited to see more people have also booked this date, was looking so lonely for a while there :stuck_out_tongue: I’m from NZ, and will be 23. Anyone else staying at the clink78 the night before?

Hey! Yeh great to see a few people booked on this! I will most likely be staying there the night before :slight_smile:

I ended up booking this tour but not until 23 July. Can’t wait, hope you all have an amazing time!

im on this tour toooooooo!!! I cant wait to meet and mingle with everyone. staying at the clink 78 night before aswell. only few weeks now ;D

Hey there!
I am also booked on this tour and am going solo! Although im joining in Paris :slight_smile: im so excited, only 5weeks!!! Woo