-----------grand european 8th sep!-----------


Hey guys! My name is Jen, i am 23, from scotland and going on the Grand European in sept starting on the 8th september!! How exciting! I no its way early but is anyone coming?? [br]I am staying in the generater the night before on the 7th, would be great to catch up with some of you then!![br];D:):sunglasses:


Hey Jen,[br][br]I am not on your tour, but I am staying at the Generator on the night of September 6 and 7 before flying to Prague to start my Prague to Munich Trip.[br][br]See you there! :)[br][br]Matt (from downunder)


Oh fantastic! Prague to Munich will be great! Where abouts in Australia are you from? [br][br]Jen[br][br]From Edinburgh, joining the Grand European in spetember 09[br]


Originally born in Melbourne, but have lived in Sydney since I was 3. Have you ever visited Australia?


Hey! yeah i lived in Brisbane for 4 years, did a bit of travelling but no where near enough! I was studying so limited means and time lol![br][br]From Edinburgh, joining the Grand European in spetember 09[br]


Hey Jensta[br][br]I’m going on the Med Meets East which joins your tour in Barcelona on Sept 13th. I’m travelling alone so I’m a little nervous but very excited. I can’t believe how soon the departure date is.[br][br]Simone