Grand European, 7th of june


I’m doing the 28 day Grand european solo, was just wondering if anyone was doing and would be keen to meet up before hand in the UK


Hey learoyd,
Yeh i’ll be arriving in UK 4 jun. be good to get a few people together for some drinks beforehand.


yeh nice that’d be wicked, there is a small chance i’ll be joining on in paris, but i’d love to, i see your from aus, so am i, where abouts?


Doing the grand european on the 7th solo as well!
They’re are a couple of people ive come across on the forum who are doing it solo and staying at the clink before hand!


From Broken Hill originally, living in sydney now.
I couldn’t get in at the clink but keen to come over and see everyone beforehand.
I’m sure there would be a decent crowd there the night before we leave, they have a few theme nights so should be a bit of fun.