Grand european 7th May 3rd June


Hi I have booked this fantastic tour for the 7th of May. Im a solo traveller and wanted to get to know the people I will be going with before the trip! ;D


My friend Ebony and I are also going on this tour!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
We are flying out of Melbourne on 4th May. CAN NOT WAIT!!


I know what you mean, it looks like it will be a blast, swimming in Croatia, and being able to see the sights in Rome just look so fantastic. Im located in Sydney myself but because of a couple of tours before this one I will be flying in from Egypt on the 5th


Croatia does look amazing. We are most looking forward to Paris (our main reason for this holiday) switzerland and spain as well.
Will you be staying at the clink78 when you get to London?


One of my friends went on a top deck tour a few years back and she was amazed with the part through switzerland, she said that she did not spend enough money on chocolate when there :P. The whole package looks to be a brilliant adventure :slight_smile: I am going to be staying at the George Hotel its about 10 minutes from clink78, and means I get my own room for a couple of days.
They are both in great locations being right near Kings cross though and it will make sight seeing around London easy as walking out the door to the hotel :slight_smile: do you know what London sights you and Ebony are going to see before the tour starts up?


hey!! im thinking about doing the mega european trip! but in april!. although how much spending money is everyone allowing themselves to have? cause i have nooo idea.


thats awesome to hear as we are both chocaholics. It is going to be an amazing adventure. This trip is our post uni trip and will be our first time overseas (except for a cruise to vanuatu) we are counting down the days.
We got our own room/jail cell at clink78 for the couple of days before as it is a long plane ride over we can have some space.
We don’t really have many plans for before the tour as we are staying in london for a bit after and have booked tours then. But we will definitely be visiting kings cross station as we are both massive harry potter fans. And the day before the tour just wondering around that part of london i think. what about you?
As for money I have no idea either. Maybe take double of what you would spend if you weren’t on holidays??


I am also going on this trip. I am coming from scotland the day before the tour starts. looking forward to it.


We will need to compare notes I went on a cruise up to Vanuatu and New Caledonia back in 2011 with my BF. I highly approve of the visit to Platform 9 3/4! Its one of the high points of being so close to Kings cross <3 that and you can get a train right to Baker Street station get off and find any consulting detectives :wink: there are movie tours you can take that do the full Harry Potter experience, they look like they would be allot of fun to do.
Most of my London experience will be about 2 weeks before the tour, this is a massive holiday for me starting April in Africa, then London, then Egypt then the Europe tour. Im going nuts figuring out how little I can take with me to Africa knowing when I get to London I am going to want to go shopping :smiley: But then I will need to lug everything around with me for the rest of my holiday, cant complain though its going to be so exiting!!

As for money the top deck recommendation is about 60 euro a day. Remember you need to afford some food, in some areas cash to go to the toilet (rip off), tipping, souvenirs, and extra packages they allow time for but dont include on the tours.

@Blueboars have you been to any of the countries we are visiting before, I ask this assuming you are from Scotland and not just travelling from Scotland to then join the tour :slight_smile:


I am an aussie who has been living/working in scotland the past year and havn’t much chance to travel hence why I am coming on this trip. So no I have not been to any of the sights that we are going to to my ultimate displeasure. But hey just going to make the experience that bit more fun. I am staying in london after the tour to see the sights. couldn’t help seeing the 9 3/4 part. As a harry potter fan have to say I am keen to see that as well so thanks for the tips on that.

I am coming into clink 78 the night before the tour.


I went there in january 2010. I loved the cruise and Vanuatu was beautiful but I did not like New Caledonia at all.
The first tour we booked in London was a Harry Potter tour at the Warner brothers studio. And we cant wait to see platform 9 3/4 and all the muggles walking around of course.
WOW thats a huge holiday. Are all of those tours you are doing with topdeck or are you doing it solo? Our holiday will be 6 weeks in total (which is every annual leave day I have saved up). We thought it was better to do London after the tour as I am a massive shopper, especially shoes (I am a sucker for shoes) and I knew there would be NO WAY I would be able to stay under the topdeck luggage restrictions if I had a chance to shop in London first. I don’t know how you are going to do?!!

@blueboars another Harry Potter fan. How exciting!! you should definitely look at the harry pottor tour ebony and I are doing. You get to have your photo taken on a broom stick and driving the flying car. We will be at the clink78 then as well so we will see you there!! :slight_smile:


all sounds good to me. BRING THE TRIP ON!!!