Grand European 7th June


Hey Guys,

Just saw all the recent posts about the Grand European and was wondering if anyone if doing the 7th


7th of June tour*


Hey mate,

Yeah I am on that tour that starts on the 7th June… Just booked it all today.

I arrive in London in the 5th June. How about yourself?



Hey man,

Only like 2 people going on this tour so far.

I arrive in Paris on the 5th and just joining there. You going solo?



ohh k… yeah Im going solo.

should be good!!


Hey mate, i’m doing the 7th of june tour solo and also joining in paris.

I arrive there most likely on the 3rd of June.

Should try grab a drink before we head off



Hey man,

Yeah no worries, ill be there on the 5th, what hostel you staying at?



Thats still yet to be confirmed, all i have is a train ticket from London to Paris, but i’ll have it arranged by monday, any reccomendations?


Umm most of the places are pretty similar but im staying at the Plug Inn, in Montmartre for 2 nights from the 5th.


oh nice
i actually found a place with a famliy friend for a couple of nights in molakoff of something, just south of paris, about a 10 min train ride.
im there on the friday, but give us a shout when you arrive and we’ll grab a drink


hey guys i just joined this trip. super excited and ready to have some fun! :smiley:


Hey guys ill be there with my wife, looking forward to it.

Been waiting for this for a long time…

See you all there…



Me and my 3 friends are going on this tour!
we’re getting to London the day before and staying at the Clink hostel that everyone has to meet at in the morning!
I’M SO EXCITED :slight_smile:
see you all there!



Hi I booked for 15thJune2016 starting from Rome, called EasternSprit… I think you guys join us group at some stage.
Leaving here from Perth on 10thJune to Paris


Hi im doing this trip too, does anyone want to add eachother on facebook?x