Grand European 7th July 2009


Hi everyone,[br]I just realised that this forum existed! I reckon Topdeck should promote it a bit more.[br]Anyhoo, I’m doing the Grand European, leaving London on 7th July, travelling solo, and spending a week in London beforehand. Just wondering who else out there is doing the same tour. Would be great to have some contact before heading off![br][br]Cheers,[br][br]Tyse


Hey tyse[br]Me and a few mates are also on the tour. We will be at the Generator from the 4th of July. Look forward to it not long to go.


Hi Jonathan,[br]Thanks for the reply. Where abouts in Australia are you guys from? I’m from Melbourne, flying out on the 29th June. What are your plans before and after the trip?[br][br]Tyse


Hey Tyse[br]Im going with a group of 6 or so. We’re all 21 year olds from Sydney. Were all getting to the Generator Hostel in London from the 1st to the 4th of July and was just going to do a few tourist things. We are also staying there for a few nights after. How old are you? Hope theres more that just us guys on the tour ha.[br]Jonathan


Hey Jonathan,[br]I’m also 21 and will be doing all the ‘touristy’ stuff before the trip starts so might see you guys around town! I’ll be in London from the 3rd July and staying around the corner from the Generator. Not long now, can’t wait![br][br]Tyse